Friday, 2 December 2016

Gorean Kaiila Graduation

I was able once again to join the Campus's second Gorean Kaiila graduation today.  This fascinating course led by instructor Ketchakah has proven to be a popular course and one that Campus is always excited to have coming back!  Please join me in congratulating the graduates!  Make sure to watch the Campus calendar for the return date of this great course!


Arnulfr (aaron.kukulcan)
azhar (fangsdarkfire)   Honors
Çèļȉņè (celine.rosea)
Ɍhødan (roses.udal)
ϯ Mαχ Ŧαℓℓєη ϯ (maxp1603)
ϯ Rɧγą Bєʅʅє Ŧαℓℓєη ϯ (hiiraji)  Honors
  Ja'Lina Firehaven (shantrel.lisa)

Photos courtesy of Addie (adyeh)

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