Friday, 24 March 2017

Gorean Basic Merchant Graduation

Today, Campus Admin., Lady Janette hosted the first Gorean Merchant Basics graduation, led by experienced Gorean Merchant and instructor Ciar Honorem.  This popular class was very well attended and had a large graduating class.  We are very excited that it will be returning in early May!  This course is one not to be missed.  Please watch the Campus calendar for more information.

~Graduating Class~

Blessed Rafayil [kitten.serpente]
Calia [chaiachino] 
Foxi (Foxi Hotshot)
Grey Wolfe [grymme]
Kaya Woodford [kaya.woodford]
Lito [lito.turbo]  
MrRockin1Dj [fatherjoelsl] 
Nash [nashtin] 
Petula [petulalake]
Sabina [tremlays]
saki [summerswind] 
Tia [xtiamatx] 
Emi [emirsyn] 

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