Monday, 1 May 2017

Master Gautrek Kral voted winner! GC first ever Photoograph Contest "Larl at the zoo"

Gorean Campus has always been involved in promoting the arts within the Gorean community.  Recently, a new art gallery came to Campus and we hosted our first ever Photo Contest.  The theme "Larl at the Zoo", provided an opportunity for 12 creative artists to enter their best.  The hall filled up quickly and the visitors were many.

A huge applause to Master Gautrek Kral for his win topping 44 votes, with kajira Maisie in a chase for second.  A big thank you to those who entered and those who participated with voting. 

We will be opening our doors very soon on our next creative Theme challenge...visit us in world and grab a Campus group tag to ensure you get the notice of this fun and challenging event.

"Larl at the Zoo"   April 2017 Entries

Gautrek Kral      **WINNER**      

Maisie004 resident     

VellaShine Resident  

Joharji resident

oounches resident

Sirilisbeth resident

Krista1k resident

sabel Seetan

Yvaa resident

LeaCaron resident

LadyMoon1227 resident

Emirsyn resident

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