Saturday, 24 June 2017

"Tavern Dance" : Gorean Dance Exhibition June 2017

Today, Gorean Campus hosted the monthly dance exhibition organized by Rosa (Heida Palianta).  The theme : "Tavern dance" highlighted seven beautiful and talented dancers who hit the sands with creativity and originality.

The amazing event was broadcasted live by the incredible Mistress Dehka of Goreans Portal Radio, a definite crowd pleaser.

The monthly dance exhibition, organized by Rosa is an event you don't wish to miss and will be back in August!  Keep your eye on the calendar for more information and please join us in world at the Campus Arena, you will not be disappointed!

Exhibition Dancers

1 - Rosa (Heida Palianta)
2 - Lack (illusivedreams)
3 - Tasha (Tasha Blackadder)
4 - Sarah (Sarahelisabeth brenham)
5 - Ranjana (bittersweetlover87)
6 - Valeriya (Valeriya Mistwalker)
7 - Calia (Chaiachino)

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