Saturday, 2 September 2017

Dances of the Home Stone

This afternoon our Campus Administrator, Mistress Janette hosted a spectacular dance festival organized by Master Praeses titled, "Dances of the Home Stone". 

The event was best explained in Master Praeses own words, let me share that below; as well as one of the many quotes he shared throughout the dance. 

"Welcome to Dances of the Home Stone, a dance festival exploring the Dances of the Free.  The Free did dance, it is clear, and though a lot of people misunderstand this, it is important to celebrate our lives as Goreans in a number of different ways."

" . . . even girls who will be free companions, and never slaves, learn the preparation and serving of exotic dishes, the arts of walking, and standing and being beautiful, the care of a man's equipment, the love dances of their city, and so on.
{Nomads of Gor, (First Edition) p63}

The event was very well attended with free and kajiri watching the beautiful, creative and emotional dances provided by the Free.  

A huge thank you to Master Praeses for organizing this event, Huntress Ame & GPR for broadcasting and the amazing dancers for sharing their talent!

~* Dancers in order *~

Mistress Syrenity Darling
Huntress Ame and Zach
Master Praeses
Mistress Ashellia Thorn

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