Sunday, 12 November 2017

FLASHBACK to the 80's : OOC Dance

Madonna, Whitney Houston, Prince, Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner and the list goes on with legends who created classics. When computers were the size of your living room and fashion was at its most bold stage. In an age of excess, where style reflected the zeitgeist perfectly, our guests at today's OOC event danced to those melodies and memories!

A huge applause to our favorite DJ, Huntress Ames as she entertained the crowd with incredible tunes that carried way beyond our event time as the party continued!

Also, a large round of applause for the always amazing Dani for the incredible builds she creates for our dances to take place in...truly inspiring!

~~*Thank you to everyone who joined us today..join us next month as we put on those ice skates!*~~

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