Saturday, 3 March 2018

Anointing of Revered John

The large crowd slowly gathered about the Campus Temple to witness the Anointing of Revered John this afternoon.

"..But perhaps he would leave the caste before it was too late, if it were not already too late, before, say, he took his final vows, or performed whatever act or acts it might be by means of which his entry into the caste might be effected."  _ Witness  of Gor

A ceremony of the Gorean faith of Priest-Kings, the anointing of a postulant, a candidate for the Caste of Initiates, as a novice in the Caste. This is an interpretation of the books, since it is not described directly. in the Gor novels.  The mention in the quote above describes a young man who is with the caste, and so has taken some first vows, but has not yet taken his "final vows."

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