Saturday, 12 August 2017

Gorean Merchant Graduation ~Congrats Graduates~

Friday, August 11th as the sun set on Campus, our First Girl, Krista welcomed the second graduating class of Gorean Merchants Basics.  Always a well attended and sought after class led by experienced merchant and instructor Ciar Honorem (onoria.exonar).

A demanding, hands on course that provides the knowledge and tools to start you on the path to a successful Merchant in Gor.  We are always excited to have this course come back and look forward to its return in the fall!  Please watch the calendar for updates.

Congratulations to those who passed  ~bravo~


Aiko (sunshineshimmer)
Jaxon Todd (jaxontodd)
Joshao ibn Aurum al Farad (karaden.finesmith)
Pai (piewhakket)
Wrath Torsten (warwraith)
Yasir ibn Hakim (eleventhe)

Photos courtesy of Krista

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