Saturday, 5 August 2017

Teacher Appreciation Dinner

Today, as we marked the FIVE year anniversary of Gorean Campus, Lady Janette hosted a Teacher Appreciation Dinner.  Everyone dressed in their very best earth formal clothes and limos were provided to the venue, Batista's Bistro.

SonDee Batista (sonsaraydejonay), CEO of Batista's Bistro and her incredible staff created an elegant dining environment with a fabulous menu and top notch service.  If you are looking for a dining experience like no other in SL please message SonDee for information.
"Batista's Bistro is home of the first full role play dining restaurant. We specialize in romantic dining experiences for you and your loved ones.  We also offer catering services and are currently operating weekly in Dubai at Al Haalab by Batista's Bistro"     


With permission, please find the speech given by Campus Administrator, Lady Janette :

[15:18] Janette (mary1johnson): Tal everyone i hope you have enjoyed the meal and good company.

[15:18] Janette (mary1johnson): Please let me say a few words about the Campus, its history and its growth as we celebrate the 5th year of its beginning together.

[15:19] Janette (mary1johnson): In 2010, having trained under Anzhella Dyrssen as a Magistrate and Advocate and then as a teacher with her Gorean Legal Academy for about a year, she gave me some bad news. Her kidney ailment was making it harder to be online and run the academy.

[15:19] Janette (mary1johnson): She told me i was to run it from now on. After initial sadness, panic set in. But i promised her i would run it to my best ability for her sake, and so I did.

[15:20] Janette (mary1johnson): Once Krista became mine she threw herself with her dedication into helping me and of course once i showed her the ropes (not literally) she became a great help.

[15:20] Janette (mary1johnson): With two of us now dedicated to the cause we decided to add more courses for the Free, as there were so few in existence already. From that seed grew the whole Campus set up.

[15:20] Janette (mary1johnson): With great helpers and teachers joining us along the way, some still with us some having moved on to pastures new, we grew and grew to a degree we had not really foreseen.

[15:21] Janette (mary1johnson): And so now, 5 years later here we are, with people like you who have joined with us to create a flourishing and hopefully enjoyable enterprise.

[15:21] Janette (mary1johnson): Teachers, class assistants, builders and terrific students all sharing and growing together. All helping to make Gor a better place to enjoy with a solid background of knowledge.

[15:22] Janette (mary1johnson): My first day of Gor in 2008 involved me being shot at and told to go away. Luckily for me i ignored those that seemed to want to make it an exclusive society in which if you asked questions you were told to read the books.

[15:22] Janette (mary1johnson): I had read the books and luckily I met some people who were more interested in helping new arrivals to integrate and understand the whole system here on SL Gor.

[15:23] Janette (mary1johnson): And this is what I hope we do at the Campus. We help the new to settle in and we help the more experienced to develop knowledge and skills, whatever level they may be at and whatever language they may speak.

[15:23] Janette (mary1johnson): Krista will speak after me with some more detailed information of what we have achieved, of what YOU have achieved. Because without the assistance of all those here and those who could not come today but give their time freely to the cause, we could not do what we do so well.

[15:24] Janette (mary1johnson): So raise your glasses and join with me in drinking a toast to the Gorean campus and all who sail in her

After the cheers and toasts quieted, First Girl of Campus, Krista had a few words to share:

[15:26] Krista (krista1k): Wow 5 years, it’s been a most incredible and challenging journey…

[15:26] Krista (krista1k): You started all this Mistress, Campus… your vision, your goals… first just you, me at your heel… then Dani come, make Campus one the most amazing builds in SL… Dani remember those gawd awful cylinders with elevators? an other bad ‘Krista idea’ hahaha …

[15:27] Krista (krista1k): Allow me please say some 5 year statistics…

[15:27] Krista (krista1k): Campus present over 7500 classes & events, over 90,000 students have participated in our classes, Campus group has 5500 members, close and second only to Gor Hub in SL Gor…

[15:28] Krista (krista1k): Campus website have over 1 and 1/2 million, million with an m!! page views (since start in 2015), 135,000 unique visits, 98,000 first time visits with average over 200 a day…

[15:29] Krista (krista1k): You teachers - looks around the room to each… you volunteer your time to regularly present classes, often little gratitude… I salute and thank you, on behalf your students, and graduates, thank you so very much for all you do for our SL Gor community, it a better place cause your efforts…

[15:29] Krista (krista1k): class assistants, mentors, please forgive I no mention each you by name… and the Campus senior staff, Masters Flavius, Nash, Drew and Dani, Emi, Minty, Dakota, Calia, Gia, Laura…

[15:30] Krista (krista1k): it one the greatest honour my life, work with you all daily, the very finest of people ever, true friends… all this no possible without you… thank you sincerely so very much for your support, your loyalty, your dedication to my Mistress mission statement & goals… I love you all truly…

[15:30] Krista (krista1k) wipes a tear and try no get emotional….

[15:30] Krista (krista1k): Please rise if it pleases you… I have a toast *smiles*

[15:31] Krista (krista1k): To the Campus Administrator, my beloved Mistress who make Campus possible… and 5 awesome years and HEY…

[15:31] Krista (krista1k) shouts: the best is yet to come!

[15:32] Krista (krista1k): The best is yet to come  with people like you *tears*

~  The room once again cheered and toasted Lady Janette. ~  

We were thrilled to have those who could make it to dinner today.  We missed those who could not attend but they were there in spirit and in our hearts.  The best is yet to come and with the support of those on staff and faculty and those in SL who will join our team over the years...we look forward to it all!

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