Friday, 24 July 2015

Other Languages Classes at Gorean Campus

Campus Administrator, Lady Jan, strongly supports Gorean by the books education in a student's native language if that helps that student better experience the wonders of Gor.

Gorean Campus offers various Gorean lessons in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. The Campus library also presents information notecards in many languages other than English.  We welcome our newest “other languages instructor” Zale Kletzel, who will be presenting lectures in Portuguese.

Zale Kletzel teachers Basic Scribes & New to Gor in Portuguese

Master Zale recently told (IC) our Campus Ambassador of his extensive Gorean travels & experience: “I started at Vonda, did my graduation at Olni, at that time the Campus was maybe an idea of Lady Janette - smiles - both as scribe and magistrate. From Vonda I have worked at Ti, Temos, Cos, Genssian Port, Jahesa, Sais... Have been Head at Jahesa, Ti and Genesian Port and have lived in Ar also.”

Master Zale, currently High Magistrate of Sais, brings two new classes to Gorean Campus.

First, a Portuguese version of the popular New to Gor(NTG) classes which will debut Monday July 27th and will be offered each Monday at 6pm (slt).  New to Gor Classes offer a great opportunity for both new and experienced Goreans, to learn and discuss Gor in a comfortable no stress environment (no homework or tests).

Second, starting Tuesday July 28th, Master Zale will be presenting the most popular "Basic Scribe Course" in Portuguese, each Tuesday at 6pm (slt).  Master Zale has translated the entire course into Portuguese, now giving students the opportunity to achieve that knowledge & qualification in their own native language. 

The Basic Scribes course book, translated into Portuguese

Gorean Campus is also proud to present, Gorean Physician Training in the Italian language. These excellent medical seminars are taught by Master Bjarne, a very experienced and accomplished Gorean Physician. The medical physicians training classes in Italian will start Monday, August the 3rd and run each Monday at 1PM (slt).

Physicians Training now offered in Italian language

Everyone regardless of language is most welcome to attend, and for us English speakers, class assistants will be handing out translators.  Come celebrate diversity in SL Gor... see you at these exciting new classes!

Thursday, 2 July 2015


During the first week of July, many nations on Earth will be celebrating national holidays. Most of those holidays revolve around independence, emancipation or memorials.

The Gorean Campus takes this opportunity to send well wishes to all of our guests, students and staff who encourage, celebrate and protect the freedoms on Earth, throughout the year.