Sunday, 31 July 2016

Congratulation Slaver Graduates!

Gorean Campus is pleased to present the graduates of Daily Life of a Slaver.  This intensive, 8 week course was led by Lady Syala, and proved to be wonderful class.

Please join us in congratulating the Slaver class!

Master Altros                            
Master Ashur
Master Moonchild
Master Nash
Master Phillippe
Mistress EmpressXenaTarn

Friday, 29 July 2016

Somethings new at the Gorean Campus Website

Krista has been busy on the Gorean Campus website!  Take the time to sneak a peak and you won't be disappointed.  Not only has she added a Kajira Foundations section where you can now register to join, but there is a section now on the Basic Scribe course and ~wiggles at the thought of shopping~ a
Campus Store!!!

YES!  One stop shopping adventure to pick up apparel showing your support for the Campus.  Always worth a peek under the extra tab...

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Congratulations Gorean Farming Graduates!

Congratulations to our new graduates from the 13 week Gorean Farming course, led by Master Carn.

Please join me in congratulating the graduates :

Lilly.. Tia... Lito... Amethyst

Photos courtesy of Levanaah & Swoodja

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Congratulations Physician's Assistant Graduates!

Gorean Campus is proud to present our recent graduates from Lady Jewel's class.  It was a challenging 8 week Physician's Assistant course with valuable information. 

Congratulations graduates!

Aremca Resident
Foxi Hotshot
Brit Zeminoba
Lady Manzana
Reaper Scarbridge

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Quill & Quarell's performs at Gorean Campus

Zuckerman & Sansonia's

Today the excitement was buzzing around Campus as everyone grabbed a seat and watched the anticipated musical.  The audience was entertained and the laughter weaved throughout the theater.

The actors were superb and everyone held their breath at the end  to see if the station survived and did not fall into the hands of WHAT - Hate Radio.

The question that played on the minds of the audience ~ would this small Midwestern radio station, meet the deadline?  One week and $250,000!!!  The odds are most definitely stacked against them....

So did the station survive?  The outcome was a surprise to many....curious? come find out in world with the remaining performances or visit us on Campus and ask around. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ambassador Graduation

Gorean Campus is pleased to announce the graduates of the Ambassador class led by instructor Lady Sklyar.  Congratulations Graduates, well done!!!

Ambassador graduates
GnaeusFlavius Resident -  Flavius Kjalarr
Ashur (sirdraconis)
Blessed Tareq
Allura Firehaven Silverclaw
kirax.pfalz .  Lady Kira5
Thordin RedWolf
ranaa Thane - Rα'ηαα AƖяєкѕση
PhilippeDe Beaumont -  Philippe Zahir
Savage Storm (Sunsphere Resident)
Andromeda Astraea Timgar (cherri Avril)
Mameka Takahashi

Slave Attendance Certificate
ƒσχι (foxi.hotshot)
sweetKimber21 Resident  - Kimber 
Piper143 Resident

Campus Fun ~ Home Alone

Even Kevin McCallister in the movie "Home Alone" had lots of fun while spending all the time alone. Although, the definition of fun can be subjective on pretense of the situation.

The usual time I am online is either late nights and early mornings. At this time, to find another soul at Gorean Campus is very rare. So, other than photography, here are the fun things to do at Campus.

There is  Zar board to play at the Inn at the Gorean Campus [South], where kajiri can play and improve their skills. My best score is 42 yet.This is one my favorite pass time when I am too lazy to read another scroll or there is no chore to do.  There is another  such board at the Tea Room [on the Gorean Campus Sim]. Remember, that these places are for any Free to visit. So, don't get caught being the notorious one like me or you might be punished.

Another fun pass time is this fun game called the "Slave Memory Trainer".Every week we try to beat the lowest time taken which is the lowest score. Since, the last three weeks, Pudding has been bagging all the rewards that come with it.  The rest of us are only tearing our hair to break her winning spree. My best score is rather a shameful one, 103. A few days back, I watched Amethyst almost closing in on Pudding' score.
Being new to Second Life and to Gor, am yet to try out other fun activities like fishing or cooking which are chores for us, kajiri. But those are for later. Until next time, have fun and I wish you all well.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

First Steps

How exciting!  Today I was able to make my 'first steps' into the newest dance class at Gorean Campus.

First Steps in Gorean Dance; Wednesdays @ 2:30 pm SLT
led by Gorean dancer Addie

The kajirae were beautiful on the sand and a small crowd gathered to watch!