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Northern Dance Series

Northern Style Dance  by Snow Mistwood

Recently the Gorean Campus offered a dance course entitled the “Northern Dance Series.” This workshop series was designed for someone who wished to write a dance based on the culture of Torvaldsland. It was our hope students would learn how to add northern flavor to any dance they write, including Book slave dances. 

Several bonds who had taken my tavern dance classes requested that I teach a dance class designed specifically for bondmaids to compose a Torvie-style dance. Northern-bred but not entering my first competition with a pre-written dance until I had moved south and the mark of the north cut from my thigh, I wondered if I was the best instructor for this course. 

My Master quelled my apprehension and he simply stated, “Mine, you can take the girl away from the north but can never take the north away from the girl… teach them how you write your bondmaid dances based on quotes from Marauders.” With my Master’s words in mind I based the entire northern dance series on that perspective… the Book, “Marauders of Gor.” 

The three-day course series began with a visualization strategy that Mily Sandalwood first introduced me to in one her Ko-ra-ba Kajira Academy classes. Students in the course selected an image that represented Torvaldsland and we learned how to research quotes using several different sources. Then we applied a Marauders quote to bring meaning to the image we chose.

This is a great way stimulate ideas for dances. Truly it is amazing when a dancer sees in an image a story and can interpret a dance from that image using motions and emotions. We are all so very different dancers and have such vivid thoughts to paint a picture through dance. 

To add regional flavor to our dances, we would read a few pages leading up to the quote and a few pages after the quote to have a better understanding of the quote relative to the context in the Book. Through reading we receive a lot of good details about the setting, the geography, history, clothing descriptions and colloquial expressions that could add a Torvie feel to a dance.

Next, we went about setting the scene for our dances and how to tackle emotions and express those emotions through motion, faction style. This led to a lively discussion about bondmaids dancing Book dances. 

Except for the one brief mention of the “passion dance of a nude slave girl,” none of the Book dances ( took place in Marauders. 

With every slave dance there is a range of emotions and stages the dance progresses through. So just because it did not occur in Marauders a bondmaid most certainly could experience the same emotions and dance through the phases Torvie-style. We examined several Book dances and brainstormed how a northern style dance may look during these phases. We concluded the music may differ and the girl's movements and facial expressions may also differ but the emotional impact would be evident.

Finally as a group we discussed the style of music, animations, costumes and props that could add a Torvaldsland flavor to a dance. It was all quite fast-paced but totally opened-ended for those dancers who attended to be as creative as they wished and stay true the character of a bondmaid. 

On Saturday, October 17, a Torvaldsland Dance Exhibition was held in the Gorean Campus dance arena. Five slaves were presented certificates of completion by performing a dance to a Marauders of Gor quote and one Mistress was presented a certificate of completion by writing a northern style dance. Here is a sampling from those dance performances:


Dina (MelMelz3 Resident) 

Quote: “My body wants you, Tarl Red Hair,” she wept. “My body needs you!” I looked away from her, paying her no more attention. I heard her moan, and rub her body on the post. “I need you, Tarl Red Hair,” she whimpered. pg 202

Opening Post: Imagine a bond in her Jarl's home, a solemn look upon lips of ramberry red and emerald eyes, flat on her belly, wondering if her Jarl will return home this night. With wanting eyes she stands from the woolen furs and looks out towards snow capped mountains, expectant of his return.

Dina rubs sleep-ridden emerald eyes, rising from the furs, a look upon her Jarl's fur, frowning in the morning light. Tears begin to fill jade eyes, thinking of Jarl not making it to the ship in time. Elongated limbs begin to sway with a thundering from a heart beating fast, moves delicate toes across the wooden planks, weaving fingers over succulent curves as a moan escapes from the touch.


Beauty (HeartsBeauty Resident) 

Quote: He then drew with the handle of his ax a circle, some twenty feet in diameter, in the dirt floor of the temple. It was a bond-maid circle. 'Females.' He cried out, gesturing with the great ax toward the wall opposite the doors, 'swiftly! To the wall! Stand with your backs against it!' Terrified, weeping, then men groaning, the females fled to the wall. Marauders of Gor Pg. 44

Opening Post: Imagine once a Free Woman she was taken from her city, drugged and clothed in a bonds outfit, she awakens to find herself at the mercy of men as she laid on thick furs at the end of the Long hall. She was one of the Free Women waiting their turn to enter the Bond Circle.

Beauty: Knees spread wide, as back arches in a deep bow as ebony locks dip back to the sand, Palms open upwards to her owner. Love cradle entices, letting the chain caress ruby lips and trickle down to a delicate neck. Bites the metal, teasing, running pink tongue around the leash and submits herself before him. Shivers with desire to serve him totally. Free in the emotions that cage her.


Bindi (Bindi Towradgi): 

Quote: Imagine a young girl returning from collecting wood for the fire, to find her father, a poor farmer dueling with the free. Hands fisted together, as she wills her father to win the duel. The weight of the wood she is carrying, holds her back, tears fill deep blue eyes, looks around at the land before her, praying for Odin's blessing and asking for the strength of Thor to carry her father in this duel so that she will not have to leave to become a bond-maid… taken from ....Marauders of Gor Book 9 Pages 145 - 146

Bindi: A sickening tightness claws at bindi’s chest, red curls tumbling over tear sodden face, soft lips part, uttering an inaudible scream, anger shows in the lines of her face, kicks the grass and dirt, as she spins across the field. Tear stained eyes reflecting the sorrow of losing her Father. Her belly rolls with torrents of emotion, reaches helplessly to Odlin, trembling hands slowly lower to wrap herself in a cocoon of safety.


Nela (Arkarose Resident)

Quote: “How is it that you have dared to strip me!” demanded the girl.
“Who is your master?” inquired Ivar Forkbeard. She drew herself up proudly. She threw back her shoulders. In her eyes, hot with fury, was the arrogance of the high-owned slave. She smiled insolently, contemptuously. Then she said, “Thorgard of Scagnar.” 
Marauders of Gor, page 399-400

Opening Post: A man in a fur coat stepped forward and held her chin up as if assessing her “All Kur girls are now MINE!” he declared looking to each one in turn. “I am not a Kur girl!” she groaned “My Master is rich, he will pay you fairly if you return me Master”. A roar of laughter burst through his teeth as he grabbed a dagger from his belt to cut the girl’s binds, with a swift move he then cut her silks. He shoved her to the dirt with his boot “Dance if you wish to live,” he demanded.

Nela: Graceful moves luscious figure to the sound of the whip, swaying her form up and down enticingly. Spreads her shapely legs and begins rolling and twisting sultry hips feeling the cool mountain air envelop her warm flesh. Fixed her gaze upon the distant Torvaldsberg, her movements supine and luring as she attempts to please him. Supple arms move about her curves frantically, the scent of leather exciting her.


Taema Resident

Quote: “At the Thing Fair, men propelled by the dance-inspiring music gather to watch beautiful, bold bondmaids parading on a wooden platform displaying their beauty. The winner is chosen by men and is often awarded a delicious, mouth-watering pastry and the slave’s owner a silver tarn disk. Slaves are usually not up for sale, though many can be sold from the platform.”  – Quote is based on Marauders of Gor, Chapter 10.

Taema brazenly cavorts over the wooden planks, as if entering and exiting a bondmaid circle almost as though she was flirting with her slavery. Crystal blue eyes lift as shoulders pull back to accentuate the proud posture of a slave who relishes her place on her Jarl’s long chain. Inhales and exhales softly as her hands cradle firm breasts in offering with a calculating gaze toward the pastry platter.


Snow (Snow Mistwood)

Quote: “Thyri, and other bondmaids, leaped and clapped their hands. How alive and vital they seemed! Their hair was loose, in the fashion of bondmaids. Their eyes shone; their cheeks were flushed; each inch of them, each marvelous embonded inch of them, was incredibly alive and beautiful. How incredibly feminine they were, so living and uninhibited and delightful, so utterly fresh, so free, so spontaneous, so open in their emotions and the movements of their bodies; they now moved and laughed and walked, and stood, as women; pride was not permitted them; joy was. Only a kirtle of thin, white wool, split to the belly, stood between their beauty and the leather of their masters.”
~ Marauders of Gor, Chapter 7, The Kur, Page 157 ~

Snow spins, twinkling eyes flitting from Jarl to Jarl as long lashes veil a wanton desire. Playfully she swoops down reaching for the edges of the tattered skirt, hitching it high up and tucking the fabric into her belt. Affectionately, she paws at the distinct mark of the north upon the curve of her thigh appearing to relish its meaning… embonded.



This dance instructor wishes to thank the Gorean Campus Administrator, Mistress Janette, and Campus girls, Krista, Dani and Topaz for hosting the Northern Dance Series and all their support. It was a fun course to teach with always interesting discussions. 

The Torvaldsland Dance Exhibition brought together some great dancers, our five graduates plus Perle (Raven Daxeline), Rosa (heida Palianta) and Namida (abdafina Resident), sharing their interpretations of a Torvie-style dance. *applauds all the dancers*




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A very special thank you to my Master (Koardan)  for his keen dancer paintings!

Happy dancing always ~ Hope you enjoy!

ﻜησѡ (Snow Mistwood) 
With permission from her Master, Koardan of Port Haifa