Saturday, 26 November 2016

Gorean Dance Exhibition : Theme "Quotes"

The arena at Campus filled quickly for the beginning of the monthly Gorean Dance Exhibitions organized by renowned Gorean dancer, Rosa (Heida Palianta). 

Eight beautiful dancers graced the sands and provided incredible dances for all in attendance.  A special thank you to GPR's Dehka for broadcasting the event and Leva for providing some of the pictures for this blog.

Perle (Raven Daxeline)
Rosa (Heida Palianta)
Kalli (Kalliesse)
Dina (dinalakajiraa)
Addie (adeyh )
Minty (Mint Knipper)
Juicy peach  (Lillith Navarita)
Beauty (Heartsbeauty)

Friday, 25 November 2016

Free Compionship Ceremony

Today the Chapel at Gorean Campus was filled with Free and kajiri to witness the union between Master Jarod Diker and Lady Lau Amaterasu.  The Free Companionship was officiated by Lady Jan as the ceremony began a little after 2pm.  There is always something interesting happening at Campus, check out the calendar for scheduled events.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

First time for KF : Didicit Graduates!

Today, I had the honor of attending the KF graduations of Minty and Addie as they performed their black wine serve to Mistress Janette and each performed an incredible dance.  This graduation marked the first time two seniors students have graduated together.  Please join me in a well deserved congratulations to our two newest Didicit Kajirae!