Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Congratulations Lotus! Our newest Didicit Kajira

This afternoon the Inn filled once again to watch the graduation of Lotus from  Kajiri Foundations.  Lotus, property of Gorean Campus worked very hard in her studies as well as serving in various roles on Campus.  Staff and students are proud to see her join the KF wall, congrats again Lotus!

Monday, 29 January 2018

Oasis Dancers : Always a crowd favorite at Gorean Campus!

Sunday afternoon, Campus was excited to host once again a performance featuring the German Dance Group,  Oasis Dancers.  Amazing always, the dancers with some incredible sets performed brilliant dances.  An always popular event that certainly pleased the large crowd gathered around!    
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"Souvenirs & Dance for the Memory of Lady Janette" : Dance Exhibition, Jan. 27, 2018

This past Saturday, Campus hosted the monthly dance exhibition organized and hosted by the incredible Rosa.  The event was broadcasted live by the ever popular Mistress Dehka of Goreans Portal Radio, who is always a crowd favorite.

The theme this month was close to everyone's heart, "Souvenirs & Dance for the Memory of Lady Janette."  I feel confident when I say that Mistress would have been pleased with the dances as it was one of fond memories that embraced her work and spirit of Campus.  

Rosa shared the below before the start of the event....


Rosa (heida.palianta): Today's event is dedicated to Lady Janette - the great founder of Gorean Campus. We will have dancers and Master Koardan who will evoke some memories for us. We all have memories of Lady Janette and her advice, her judgments as dancers, and she has always been positive to move us forward.

Rosa (heida.palianta): She is the wind blowing in the trees, she is the flickering of the diamond on the snow, she is the light of the sun on the grain wall, she is the soft autumn rain.

Rosa (heida.palianta): On waking, in the calm of the morning, she is the flight of these silent birds that whirl in the sky. Then she will say to us, "Do not stay there lamenting in front of my grave. I'm not there, I'm not dead. I just went to the other side.

Rosa (heida.palianta): But I see you, I hold your hand, and together we continue to walk forward to progress and bring to life what I have always loved. "

Rosa (heida.palianta): Please join me in a minute's silence in her memory.


....and then the dances began

~* Exhibition Dancers*~

Dakota (Dakotasissy)
Calia (Chaiachino )
Bindi (Bindi Towradgi)
Minty (Mint Knipper)
Raven (Klonky)
Tasha (Tasha Blackadder)
perle (raven.daxeline)
 Rosa (Heida Palianta)


Dakota (dakotasissy): Today, I bring to the sands the dance I performed for Lady Janette at my graduation from the Kajiri Foundations Course. I present it word for word as it was on the day, flaws, blemishes, and all. The dance was performed in the inn, upon a table, before Lady Janette and others. As part of our graduation, we provided her a choice of six different book dances for her to choose from. Lady Janette, informed everyone that she had always seen a kind and loving heart within me, and because of that, she believed then, just as I believe she still would today, that it would be interesting to see me perform, a hate dance.

Calia (chaiachino): Masters, Mistresses, Kajiri - 15 months ago, an eager young slave named Chai enrolled in the Kajiri Foundations program here on Campus. Determined to learn all that she could before joining a sim (and hopefully not make an ass out of herself), she dutifully took as many classes as she could manage. When the chance came to meet her new Mistress, Janette Inglewood, (and learn from her!) she practically flew to Maproom, plopped her plunky ass down and dutifully did what her first lesson has been about, which was how to greet properly.
 She greeted her Mistress, the Masters, the other Mistresses, and Krista, who was assisting the class. She wouldn't be an embarrassment if she did it right...right?

Bindi (bindi.towradgi): Kia Ora (Greetings) This week I graduated as a Didicit Kajira.  I was so humbled by the number of people who attended my graduation, I was lost, (and this something new for me) for words.  Mistress Janette has left behind a wonderful legacy, and I am so glad that I am part of it.

Mιηту (mint.knipper): This dance was performed just once in public.  I danced it for my graduation from Kajiri Foundations here on The Gorean Campus for Lady Janette. 

 [2016/11/22 14:42] Janette (Mary1Johnson) smiles and looks to Minty... "And now how about the..
 [2016/11/22 14:42] Janette (Mary1Johnson) : Imaginary Larma Dance, Minty"

Rανєη (klonky): This dance was the first dance I ever performed, it was the graduation dance for the 'Foundations of Dance' course, run here at the Campus.

Tasha Blackadder: /me takes up her position in the sands and a melodic and yet strong voice is heard.  “A little over a year ago, a white silk waif landed on the docks at the Gorean Campus.  She knew nothing about Gor really.  It was the beginning of a journey which still continues.  This is a story about that waif who discovers what a Kajira is and discovers her place in Gor.  All because the Gorean Campus was developed and headed by Mistress Janette.”

perle (raven.daxeline): Thank you for allowing me to dance here today...

Rosa (heida.palianta): This dance is an old memory. (2014) This is the first dance for a contest, here at Gorean Campus in front Lady Janette