Sunday, 29 October 2017

Region of Gor : Dance Exhibition

This afternoon, Gorean Campus hosted once again the monthly dance exhibition organized by Rosa (Heida Palianta).  The theme this month,  "Region of Gor" highlighted seven amazing kajirae who entered the sands with their regional dances.

The amazing event was broadcasted live by Tabi of Goreans Portal Radio!

The monthly dance exhibition, organized by Rosa is an event you don't wish to miss and will be back November 25th!  Keep your eye on the calendar for more information and please join us in world at the Campus Arena, you will not be disappointed!

Exhibition Dancers..

Perle (Raven Daxeline)
Tasha (Tasha Blackadder)
Tamira & Angels (illusivedreams & keisha.bachman)
Bindi (Bindi Towradgi)
Beauty (Heartsbeauty)
Rosa (Heida Palianta)

Monday, 23 October 2017

Morning Devotion

As Lar-Torvis began to rise, the Campus High Initiate, Blessed Rafayil commenced with the morning devotion.  The devotion is one of two weekly religious devotions occurring on Campus beginning this week.   Goreans are encouraged to attend to show devotion to the Priest-Kings and receive blessing for their week on Gor.  Devotions are on Mondays at 11am SLT or Wednesdays at 5:30 pm SLT.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Banking on Gor third Graduation class

Yesterday afternoon, Campus Admin., Lady Janette hosted the first Banking on Gor graduation, taught by Lady Tapanga Murfin, Moneylender Caste Banker of Svago.  A course not to be missed! Please watch the Campus calendar for more information on Banking's return as well as all the other class offerings.

~Graduating Class~

Hassif Taghvaie [priestnimisis]
amelia Rae [amelia.rae]
įƒ¦Kayleigh [therealandressia]
Cirdan [bill.raymation]
Najlah [lostonekajira]

photos courtesy of Minty