Saturday, 27 August 2016

Campus Fun ~ Heating it up around the Campfire

About an Ahn was left for the Scheduled Heated up Class by Topaz. This one class is only for slaves and we get to be as free as possible. In my opinion, it is also one of the most popular classes when the girls are excited to attend.

Speaking of popularity, one can understand what happens when all naughty girls gather around the campfire waiting.

I am quoting the start of the conversation.  Later the fun continued for another Ahn or so as other kajirae joined in as well.

Pudding (devine.teardrop): hmmmm so what should four very sensual kajirae do while we are waiting?

Gia (giablossom): Light that campfire

řąɨɲ (thunderrainstorm): roast marsh mellows, make smores

Pudding (devine.teardrop): /me grins, "how about dance?"

Pudding (devine.teardrop): /me smiles turning toward the musicians, "Oh please Masters, this girl begs for you to play something so we may dance?"

řąɨɲ (thunderrainstorm): watches  as Puddings sways to the  music

CherryBurnz: /me envies puddings fine curves and seductive sway

řąɨɲ (thunderrainstorm): joins her body moving over the sand  smiles thank you

Pudding (devine.teardrop): /me smiles, "oh thank you for joining me, this girl is sure the *coughs* musicians are enjoying the sway of slave hips.

řąɨɲ (thunderrainstorm): looks over an head shakes in agreement indeed they seem to be

Gia (giablossom): /me wears the Kailka for the lyrical environment

CherryBurnz: /me winks her long lashes and lets her tongue slide across her lips as the fire of the music traps her hips in a savage sway

Pudding (devine.teardrop): /me's violet eyes watches the girls to each side, trying to keep with the their lovely long legs

Gia (giablossom): /me pulls the strings with her swift little fingers to keep the tempo going

Pudding (devine.teardrop): /me smiles happily as Gia joins in with the musicians, "ohh that is beautiful"

řąɨɲ (thunderrainstorm): creamy smooth legs dance to the  music that Gia  plays eyes of deepest blue shine  like stars with  enjoyment of the dance

To all kajirae out there, please look out for the class, it is conducted 2 times a week for different time zones. You can always refer to and stay updated with Gorean Campus Calendar.

Photography Credits: Pudding. More photographs can be viewed at her flickr.

Note: The chat is slightly edited with spelling errors and combining two consecutive thoughts of a person as one so as keep the blog short and interesting. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

"The Lucid Journey" ~Incredible Experience~

Campus was honored today to host the production by The Jewell Theatre, titled "The Lucid Journey"
Written & Directed by Fake Jewell.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats throughout and the performance was well written, performed and the set design was incredible!

"In every culture there have been legends regarding the relationship between our dreams and travel. Suppose our dreams are more than random scenes from our waking lives? Lewis Liddell is missing presumed dead, and his wife is left to unravel the mystery of what's become of him. Her journey to find him will take her into our shared dreamscape and beyond." (advert)

The production was sponsored by:
Ubar Scar Statosky & the City of Ko-ro-ba
Wa Ngao Taluna Tribe
House of Dingo

Contact Fake Jewell: Writer/Director, Dorian Cao: Technical Director, or Sas Shi, Ambassador for more information!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Kajira Foundations is proud to present our newest "Didicit Kajira" ALENA.  Alena, property to Master Rik Barr, graduated August 15, 2016.  Alena's picture now is displayed with the others before her on the Campus Library wall. 

Please join me in congratulating Alena and all of her hard work and determination!

Photos courtesy of Leva

OOC Dance Party : August 13th!

The celebrations from the Legal studies graduation continued till late in the evening at Gorean Campus!  The Arena transformed into a dance floor and DJ Lady Ames provided some incredible tunes!!  Stay tuned for details of our next OOC dance coming this fall!

(Photos courtesy of Leva)

Legal Studies Graduation

Saturday, August 13th celebrated a long list of legal studies graduates at the Gorean Campus.  Campus Administrator, Lady Janette presented diplomas to those who successfully completed Magistrate, Advocate and High Scribe courses.

A few pictures below of the celebration, a special thank you to Leva for the pictures!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Gorean Philosophy Graduates!

Last night we had a lively debate followed by the graduation of Master Petrov's class on Gorean Philosophy.  This 10 week course proved to be quite challenging!

Join me in congratulating the graduates :


Photos Courtesy of Levannah & Naara