Friday, 19 May 2017

Conrgrats Nubia! Our newest KF Graduate!

Kajiri Foundations is proud to present our newest "Didicit Kajira" Nubia.  Nubia, property to Mistress Janette, Campus Admin., graduated May 19, 2017.   Her banner now is displayed with the others before her in the Kajiri Hall. 

Please join me in congratulating Nubia and all of her hard work!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

70's Flashback at GC!

Campus hosted it's monthly OOC dance where we flashbacked to the 70's!

GPR's, Huntress Ame once again provided some groovy music as guests danced in their mini skirts, jumpsuits and bell bottoms! 

As always, a huge applause to Dani for the unique and time transforming décor and to our event coordinator Gia!

Join us next month as we step out of this world and show are favorite sci-fi character! Check the calendar for more information, events and classes here at Gorean Campus.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cartographers Spring Class Graduation

Campus hosted the Cartographers graduation this evening for the incredible class instructed by Lady Victoria and assisted by Laura.  An intense 5 week course that ended with some amazing student maps that can now be found up on display at the Great Gorean Map.  Please watch the calendar for the return of this valuable course.

~ Graduates~

Dello Martov [dello.martov]

Ajax [albricjackson]

Daria Varro (TallLady

Congratulations Initiate Graduates!

Campus was pleased to host the Spring class graduation of the Initiate course led by Blessed Rafayil.  Please watch the calendar for the return of this class and soon another popular course led by Bless Rafayil on the Tahari!


Constantin ( Kurrozh )
Malchus ( Marekai )
Philippe Al-Ahdar ibn Zahir ( philippede.beaumont )
Alosos ( alosos )
Sanura ( sanuraskarsgaard )

                                                         photos courtesy of Krista

Monday, 1 May 2017

Infirmary Slave Graduation!

This afternoon we celebrated the graduation of two hard working students.  Our infirmary slave course, led by Foxi provides an understanding of the basics of this vital role to enhance the role play.  A special class we love having here and are excited to see return to the Campus schedule.  A round of applause to the graduates!


Núbia  (AlecssandraMartinni Resident)

Cibele ( tatii Steampunk )

Photos courtesy of Krista & Foxi

Master Gautrek Kral voted winner! GC first ever Photoograph Contest "Larl at the zoo"

Gorean Campus has always been involved in promoting the arts within the Gorean community.  Recently, a new art gallery came to Campus and we hosted our first ever Photo Contest.  The theme "Larl at the Zoo", provided an opportunity for 12 creative artists to enter their best.  The hall filled up quickly and the visitors were many.

A huge applause to Master Gautrek Kral for his win topping 44 votes, with kajira Maisie in a chase for second.  A big thank you to those who entered and those who participated with voting. 

We will be opening our doors very soon on our next creative Theme challenge...visit us in world and grab a Campus group tag to ensure you get the notice of this fun and challenging event.

"Larl at the Zoo"   April 2017 Entries

Gautrek Kral      **WINNER**      

Maisie004 resident     

VellaShine Resident  

Joharji resident

oounches resident

Sirilisbeth resident

Krista1k resident

sabel Seetan

Yvaa resident

LeaCaron resident

LadyMoon1227 resident

Emirsyn resident