Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Jewell Theatre presents "Plain" by Fake Jewell : Jan. 29th 2017

The Jewell Theatre presents
by Fake Jewell

"In a world where everyone is beautiful, what defines us? It's a question that occupies the mind of Tatrix Isobelle. Her strength and leadership threaten the sleep of her enemies, and provides security and hope for all of her Home Stone. For the Slaver Travis Horned Hith it is his pride in his caste, and his confidence in his craft. The same pride that drives him to accept the challenge of seducing the most powerful virgin in Gor."

Today at 12 noon Gorean Campus hosted the incredible talent of The Jewell Theater cast.  This show is one you MUST not miss and sure to be one you will want to see again and again.  What an honor to support the arts and we hope The Jewell Theatre will be back soon at Campus and more importantly we see you there as well!

Photo credit : Krista (krista1k)

"The Jewell Theatre has been performing live theatre in SL since 2007, led by Writer/Director Fake Jewell.
For more information about our tour, or questions about hosting a theatre performance in your city, please contact Sas Shi!"

"Dance from the books", Dance Exhibition : January 28th 2017

Gorean Campus hosted the monthly dance exhibition organized by Rosa (Heida Palianta).  The theme : "Dance from the books" highlighted eight beautiful and talented dancers who hit the sands with creativity and originality.

The amazing event was broadcasted live by the incredible Tabi of Goreans Portal Radio, a definite crowd pleaser.

The monthly dance exhibition, organized by Rosa is an event you don't wish to miss and will be back in March!  Keep your eye on the calendar for more information and please join us in world at the Campus Arena, you will not be disappointed!

Exhibition Dancers

1 - Rosa (Heida Palianta)
2 - Lizzy & reach
3 - Minty (Mint Knipper)
4 - Tasha Blackadder
5 - Juls (Julienn Sands )
6 - Beauty (Heartsbeauty)
7 -  Valerija (Valeriya Mistwalker)
8 - Perle (Raven Daxeline) with owner Sheik Al Oisans

We were always so excited and proud to see our KF students talents and this dance exhibition highlighted 3 of our students (Minty, Juls and Tasha).  Please click the link below to see the dance video recording Krista did.

Speaking of talent!  Our very own Pudding has an incredible Flickr account that highlights some pictures of the dance...please visit the link below to see her amazing work!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

OOC Dance : Frozen

Campus hosted the monthly OOC dance "FROZEN" with tunes provided by the awesome GPR DJ Debbie!  This was a fun event as Campus returns from holidays and wishes all a Happy 2017!  Keep your eye on the calendar, so many new classes coming and our favorites return!  Lots of fun events coming including Rosa's dance exhibition!  See you soon!