Monday, 26 February 2018

PRINCE hits the Sky stage at Gorean Campus!

Prince and his band came and provided an incredible OOC concert at Gorean Campus, Sunday evening.  

The crowd danced and sang along to well known favorites, as Prince put on an incredible show.

Thank you to the Tribute band, BRIGHTEST DAY PRODUCTIONS, for bringing the energy and music of Prince that everyone has grown to love and admire.

~~Please contact Billiann Bravin in world if you would like Prince or any other incredible act at your next event or venue!~

As always, keep your eyes on the calendar for more events and classes!  The link below will take you to our schedule, Home Studies registration pages, audio books and so much more.....

*~Photos courtesy of Kasandra Honorem and SergiusAmbroso~*

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Tavern Night : Dance Exhibition

On Saturday, Feburary 24th ~ Gorean Campus hosted once again the monthly dance exhibition organized by Rosa (Heida Palianta).  The theme this month,  "Tavern Night" highlighted  amazing kajirae who entered the sands with their creative and sensual dances.

The amazing event was broadcasted live by
Mistress Dehka (dehka sweetwater) of Goreans Portal Radio!

Please make sure to watch the calendar for the return of this popular event in March!


Exhibtion Dancers

Bindi (bindi towradgi)

Valeriya (valeriay mistwalker)


Tasha (tasha blackadder)

Perle (raven daxeline)

Rosa (heida palianta)

Friday, 16 February 2018

Congratulations Didicit Kajira, Raven!

Last night a large crowd filled the Inn to attend the graduation of our newest Kajiri Foundations graduate, Raven (klonky).  

Raven, property of Master Jaris & Mistress Nikki of Svago graduated with distinction and did very well in the course.

Congratulations Raven, you now join the Wall of KF Didicits and we look forward to your continued growth and adventures in Gor.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Alexa our newest Kajiri Foundations Didicit!

The Inn buzzed in excitement as a crowd gathered to watch the graduation of Alexa from  Kajiri Foundations.  Alexa, property of  Alkam Aichi applied herself and did excellent on the course.  Staff and students are proud to see her join the KF wall, a round of applause for Alexa!