Friday, 17 November 2017

Congratulations to the first graduating class of How to support a Physician!

Thursday afternoon, Krista hosted the first ever graduation for the How to Support a Physician course.  KF Senior student, Kisu (property of Mistress El and Master Snow) led an introduction to the Green Caste and the role of an infirmary slave within it. 

Please join me in a round of applause for the graduates!


Leiα (leialorelai7)
Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978)
Raven (klonky)
shea (sheeeaa)

Congratulations Tahari Graduates!!!

Krista, our Campus First Girl hosted the Tahari class graduation led by Blessed Rafayil.

Please watch the calendar as this course and many favorites will be beginning again in 2018!

Please join me in a loud applause as we congratulate the graduates!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

FLASHBACK to the 80's : OOC Dance

Madonna, Whitney Houston, Prince, Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner and the list goes on with legends who created classics. When computers were the size of your living room and fashion was at its most bold stage. In an age of excess, where style reflected the zeitgeist perfectly, our guests at today's OOC event danced to those melodies and memories!

A huge applause to our favorite DJ, Huntress Ames as she entertained the crowd with incredible tunes that carried way beyond our event time as the party continued!

Also, a large round of applause for the always amazing Dani for the incredible builds she creates for our dances to take place in...truly inspiring!

~~*Thank you to everyone who joined us today..join us next month as we put on those ice skates!*~~

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Warriors : The Scarlet Caste Graduation

Krista, Campus First girl hosted the first graduation for the Warriors : The Scarlet Caste class led by educator and Sr. Staff member, Master Praeses. 

This challenging course was quite popular and provided the knowledge and skills to enhance RP and understanding.  Please watch the calendar for this course to return in the future.

Please join me in applauding once again the graduating class!


                                           Rανєη [klonky]                                             
       Lotus Superstes [lotusblossom1978]     
                                 Najlah [lostonekajira]                                 
                             G0tcha Dorian [g0tcha]                             
          Blessed Rafayil [kitten.serpente]            
Minty [Mint Knipper] 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Impromptu Dance Graduation

Our Campus First Girl, hosted the Impromptu Dance Graduation this weekend.  An intense course led by KF Didicit and Gorean Dancer, Reena.  All experience levels are welcome to come and gain these important skills. Check out the website for the return of this class and all the other great courses going on now.

Congratulations Graduates!!


Adira (rhysha)
Ramberrie (hollywebendra)
Mint Kipper
Dancer (damhsadancer
bee (beadumbledore)
ayperi (Maxine Violet)
Alexa (alexa989)