Thursday, 7 July 2016

Campus Fun ~ Home Alone

Even Kevin McCallister in the movie "Home Alone" had lots of fun while spending all the time alone. Although, the definition of fun can be subjective on pretense of the situation.

The usual time I am online is either late nights and early mornings. At this time, to find another soul at Gorean Campus is very rare. So, other than photography, here are the fun things to do at Campus.

There is  Zar board to play at the Inn at the Gorean Campus [South], where kajiri can play and improve their skills. My best score is 42 yet.This is one my favorite pass time when I am too lazy to read another scroll or there is no chore to do.  There is another  such board at the Tea Room [on the Gorean Campus Sim]. Remember, that these places are for any Free to visit. So, don't get caught being the notorious one like me or you might be punished.

Another fun pass time is this fun game called the "Slave Memory Trainer".Every week we try to beat the lowest time taken which is the lowest score. Since, the last three weeks, Pudding has been bagging all the rewards that come with it.  The rest of us are only tearing our hair to break her winning spree. My best score is rather a shameful one, 103. A few days back, I watched Amethyst almost closing in on Pudding' score.
Being new to Second Life and to Gor, am yet to try out other fun activities like fishing or cooking which are chores for us, kajiri. But those are for later. Until next time, have fun and I wish you all well.

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