Sunday, 4 September 2016

Master Samos Madirgal 5th Annual Memorial Dance Exhibition

The 5th annual Memorial dance exhibition to honour the life, achievements and lasting legacy of Master Samos Madrigal.

The event was a beautiful tribute that provided the inspiration to all in attendance and reminded us all to remember his words.

 Master Oisans : Announcer

Letter from Master Samos Madigral

I have had the rare privilege of intimate, honest, ongoing conversations with many of these dancers.  Some rarely dance publically; some dance at almost every event; some dance now and then. 

Some are regular 'winners'; some have placed now and then; some have never placed at all.  Some are prized personal slaves; some are city girls.  Some have been "in Gor" for decades; some for less than a year.

I want to speak to them now, again, in the hope that they will be supported by my thoughts, and also in the hope that girls with whom I have never spoken will draw some encouragement from my experiences and my words.

Let me dedicate some thoughts to those of you who dance but don't "win".  You are the salt of the Earth (okay, Gor).  You dance for the joy of serving and amusing Free.  You dance for the joy of expressing your slavery.  You dance with absolute purity of heart.   You amaze and delight me beyond my ability to express it.  In my heart, you are the real "winners", untainted by ambition or acclaim.    You top my list of desirable girls.  Dance on, I do entreat you. 

Next, let me address those girls who are the lightning rods of Gor.  For whatever reason, they draw the fire and ire of various enclaves. They are often "winners", but are privately citicized on esoteric grounds.   Gorean men, for the most part, aren't literature critics or poets.  They are men, and they like hot dancing girls.   If you are following your belly, and if that belly is fueled by the appreciation of men, then, well... you GO, girls. 

To the kajirus dancers...  I admit that I began with a very negative attitude, but over time I have come to understand that there is a place for you in Gor.  In particular, the "fighting slave"-type dances that I have seen recently are good.  They embody the masculine yet enslaved personality that makes sense to me, finally. 

 And now, on to the dancers who "win", now and then.    You struggle with hope. disappointment, happiness, mixed messages from audiences, then dashed hopes.  I think you have the hardest spot of all.   There is a commonality to you, and here it is.  You have something special about you...  VERY special...  

your gentleness, or your subtlety, or your unique personality, or your little quirks.   Sometimes people 'get you', sometimes they don't.  So, sometimes you place, often you don't.   But you add to Gor immeasurably.   You are my delight.   Keep dancing.

Dancers of Gor, you are the embodiment of Gorean slavery.  You put yourselves out there and strive to please, shamelessly, humbly, publically... heart, mind, and belly.    You continue to amaze me. 

It has been my pleasure to watch and adore and review you for years now.  As you probably know, my journey may soon be heading into "Third Life".   I am at total peace in first and second lives, having accomplished precious goals in both.
I leave my loveslave, mily, to continue to pursue my goals and preserve my gains, regarding SL Gorean dance.  I do not know just how things will play out, but I trust in fate, in God, and in Gor.

And to you Free, who tolerated my speculations and comments on your properties, my thanks for not coming after me with blades or axes.

Kajirae... dance on.  I will be watching.

Group Dance : The Gorean Campus Dancers

Photos : Cherryburnz, Amethyst, Minty, Dani                                                        Group Dance Video : Krista

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