Thursday, 9 November 2017

Warriors : The Scarlet Caste Graduation

Krista, Campus First girl hosted the first graduation for the Warriors : The Scarlet Caste class led by educator and Sr. Staff member, Master Praeses. 

This challenging course was quite popular and provided the knowledge and skills to enhance RP and understanding.  Please watch the calendar for this course to return in the future.

Please join me in applauding once again the graduating class!


                                           Rανєη [klonky]                                             
       Lotus Superstes [lotusblossom1978]     
                                 Najlah [lostonekajira]                                 
                             G0tcha Dorian [g0tcha]                             
          Blessed Rafayil [kitten.serpente]            
Minty [Mint Knipper] 

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