Monday, 11 June 2018

How to Role Play an Animal

On Saturday, June 9, 2018 we had the honor of attending the first ever offered class of  'How to Role Play an Animal'.  It proved to be an outstanding class that was taught by Ketchakah Kailla who went over valuable information for both Animals and Humans.  This is a two part seminar, with the next one to be held on Saturday, June 16th.  A class that all should attend, if possible.

As you can see below, we made some new Animal friends in class!

Ketchakah - Kailla

I then saw a kaiila pass. It was lofty, stately, fanged and silken. I had heard of such beasts, but this was the first one I had seen. It was yellow, with flowing hair.
~ Fighting Slave of Gor ~

Vartrax - Tharlarion

Tharlarion, Ellen had been told, were reptilian creatures, some of which were allegedly quite large, and domesticated. Supposedly different varieties were used for various purposes, such as war, haulage and racing. She was not sure, at that time, that such things existed, no more than larls, sleen, tarns, and such.
~ Prize of Gor ~

Little Miw - Giani

In the lower branches of the "ground zone" may be found, also, small animals, such as tarsiers, nocturnal jit monkeys, black squirrels, four-toed leaf urts, jungle varts and the prowling, solitary giani, tiny, cat-sized panthers, not dangerous to man.
~ Explorers of Gor ~

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