Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Beauty with Brains! Re-thinking the slave role

Instructor, MysticTopaz
The Gorean Campus offers many classes for those new to Gor, but a recent addition to the schedule may bring seasoned role players back to the classroom.

Conceived, created, written and taught by MysticTopaz, the New to Gor (kajira basics) class goes far beyond traditional training. A girl may be able to serve every beverage in Gor and still miss the mark of what it takes to be a slave. Topaz's class explores what is lacking and teaches kajirae to enhance their service by using their brains. 

"I'm not there to train slaves, but to train them how to think like slaves," she says. "It's the difference between, say, showing them how to serve and teaching them the thought process behind it."

"For example, many slaves check rims. Why? It's not in the books to do so. You don't check it against your skin because it might piss off a Master when you cut yourself, if it is flawed. Also, most Free have drinks in their own home. You, as a slave, should have checked it when you washed it."

She encourages all Free to attend the class, as well, despite its focus on kajirae. While it's important for a slave to understand the thinking behind their role, it's equally important for the Free to know when they are pushing a slave out of the Gorean culture with non-Gorean demands.

Topaz elaborates. "Bazi tea is in the books. It's three cups, but it's not the formal ceremony like a Japanese tea serve that some Free order."

Though relatively new to Second Life, Topaz's experience in Gorean role play spans many years and several text outlets. Her in-depth knowledge of the Gor novels, perceptive logic, and gregarious charm combine to make New to Gor (kajira basics) an engaging and informative class. Future topics include common foods, behavior and manners, sex, and slave attire--with a twist! Be prepared to learn something new!

All Goreans (Free and slave) are welcome to attend MysticTopaz's New to Gor (kajira basics) class on Fridays at 9am SLT.

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