Sunday, 24 May 2015

ZAR Tournament Finals and Awards!

The Winner's Platform

Ray Toxx dominated the board at Sunday's Zar Tournament Finals, sponsored by the Gorean Campus. Ironically, the win could also be considered a subtle expression of Ray's relationship with his opponent. 

As Tournament Director, Astary Pendragon pointed out to spectators in his opening comments, the Final match pitted Master against his kajira. The humor of the situation was not lost on the fans or the players, as Ray entered the Finals with the disadvantage. His slave, Thaïs, needed only one game to take the trophy.

While Thaïs played an excellent game, Ray conquered her within the hour, bringing them to one final game of winner-take-all. After the players switched sides (with a few tender wishes for good luck between them), the final game began.

The gathered onlookers were silent during the 41-minute game, every eye on the board, until Ray claimed the win and Thaïs graciously conceded.

Ray Toxx and Thaïs
In 1st place, Ray Toxx takes home the Masters Trophy and $5,000L.

In 2nd place, Thaïs received $4,000L

The Tournament also included a Student section.

The Students Trophies and $1,000L went to Desire, Sendar and Alan. 

The Gorean Campus congratulates Ray Toxx and all the winning players.
The Campus also sends special thanks to Tournament Director Astary Pendragon, the players and supporters for making the tournament a success.

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