Friday, 29 May 2015

High Scribe Graduation


We salute the recent graduates of the GLA High Scribe Course. Lady Skylar, instructor for the course, began the ceremony with sage advice for the graduates. "You will come into your own as you serve. Most of all have fun in your position, be innovative and creative as High Scribe of your Caste."

During the ceremony, the graduates received their diplomas, the exclusive GLA High Scribe ring, and the seal of the High Scribe.

Congratulations, Graduates!

Alexia Eales
Gray Jackson
Heaven Andretti 
Joe Slacker  
Lady Dalia 
Lady Ems 
Lady Maia
Lady Sage 
Lilyana Rose
Zale Kletzel   


If you are interested in higher education or pursuing the law of Gor, please consider these upcoming courses.


~ Eight, one hour classes and two pieces of written work. We cover issues such as the laws, sentencing, IC/OOC, court procedures, jurisdiction and day to day tasks. It is a friendly discursive style class. 8 week course.
~ next course begins June 15th
classes each Monday at: 2pm SLT 


~ Eight,  one hour classes. Course is based around RP trials.  We focus on the law, courtroom procedure and tactics as we role-play a series of case studies. Two further cases are covered as written work.
~ next course begins June 16th
classes each Tuesday at: 2pm SLT

Registration required. 
To enrol in the Magistrate and/or Advocate course, please contact Janette Inglewood or GC first girl Krista (krista1k)

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