Sunday, 14 June 2015

Gorean Campus Library: When the Best Gets Better

Gorean Campus Library

The Gorean Campus Library has always been a valuable resource for those interested in increasing their knowledge of the Gor, but a recent renovation has turned the collection of scrolls into the premiere Gorean Public Library of Second Life.

Under the supervision of Lady Janette, Gorean Campus Staff member Lady Julia and Dani 2nd girl of the Campus began collecting new scrolls several months ago. As the selections expanded, it became clear that a total re-organization was needed. Buried in a mountain of knowledge, Dani took on the daunting task of bringing order to chaos.

Hundreds of new scrolls were added to those already residing on the shelves, bringing the number to well over twelve hundred. Dani's task was to systematically view every scroll, weed out duplicates and develop an organization system which would allow for the quick retrieval of specific information.

Meanwhile, as work on the scrolls continued, the library building was expanded to allow for more shelving, desks and reading areas. A magnificent display of Caste banners was also added as well as scrolls in several languages.

Although work on the Gorean Campus Library will never be truly finished (new scrolls are added often), the dust has cleared from the recent expansion and the library is ready for use. We encourage all Goreans to visit and search the scrolls, whether for education or pleasure - or both!

As always, resources on the Gorean Campus are provided to the public, free of charge.

Gorean Campus Second Girl, Dani

Gorean Campus Library - New Addition

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