Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Meet Saru: Newest Resident of the Great Gorean Zoo!

Curious, agile and tiny, our new Saru was brought to us from the jungle forests of the Ua. Bipedal and arboreal, saru seems quite comfortable in her new home and is happily investigating her new neighbors.

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"She was now “Saru,” named for a small, scampering, largely arboreal bipedalian creature found in the jungles of the Ua basin."
~Rebels of Gor

"It was in Tarncamp that she had been given the name ‘Saru’, she having been hitherto, unbeknownst to herself, after her name had been entered on an acquisition list on Earth, only a nameless slave. The saru, for which she had been named, was a small, scampering mammal indigenous to the rain forests of the Ua basin. Given her earlier character and behaviors it had amused men that she should now be so named."
~Rebels of Gor

"Curiosity may not be becoming in a kajira, but they are inveterately curious. How they will wheedle and plead for the least tidbit of information, kissing one about the knees, looking up , hopefully. Their curiosity reminds one of that of the tiny , agile, scampering saru, hurrying about amongst the branches of the forests of the Ua."
~Mariners of Gor

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  1. sooooooo cute! welcome Saru to the Great Gorean Zoo... i almost want go steal Saru and take him home with me *smiles*