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INTERVIEWER OF GOR: Sir Victor of House Steiner


Featuring; Sir Victor of House Steiner

Tal there readers, first I would like to apologize for the delay on interviews and thank you for your patience. This week I had the opportunity to meet one of the most renowned Teaching Scribes, Magistrate and a great role player in SL Gor! I had a blast! We covered topics ranging from BTB versus onlinisms to the meter,  helpful role play tips and insightful Gorean Philosophy. Enjoy the read!

-Victoria Forstander
Disclaimer: The following interview was has been edited to meet the approval of the featured person, it is a mixture of both IC and OOC. You can also read it online at:

★Sir Victor of House Steiner is a Magistrate of the Elysium Isles & an Educator for Scribe Studies at the Gorean Campus ★


Victoria Forstander "Thank you very much. I am glad that I got a chance to interview you." She settled down in the sofa and searched through her bag for a piece of parchment, pen and quill. "What a good class was that one today."

Victor: Yes, thank you. Though sadly some people still wore their GM's here at the Campus.

Victoria Forstander chuckles, "They must have been hurried. Aren't we all busy lately?" She unfolded the scroll and looked through her notes for the questions.

Victor: This may very well be, but their rude and hastened behavior costs the other students and teachers valuable time in which they may crash and reload, missing a lot of the classes.

Victoria Forstander: All that we have to get through, eh. I think some order should be enforced. Anyhow, I have cited you so that we Goreans can learn more about Victor.

Victoria Forstander: She smiled and readied to take the notes, moving to the first question. "What inspired you to come teach in Campus?"

Victor: "From an early start, the Gorean Campus has stood ready with information, aid and self study facilities to welcome me, and my friends who came here too. This quickly formed a bond that I have nurtured over the time. And when I spoke to Lady Janette, she asked me to aid in teaching as a Scribe teacher here."

Victoria Forstander smiled as she listened to him while taking the notes and leaned back against the sofa. 

Victoria Forstander: And what can you tell us about your experiences while teaching on the Campus. Could you perhaps give me a glimpse of what have you noticed in both new and old Goreans through the years?

Victor: I have noticed that there are still many things that people consider BtB (By the Books) while they are in fact evolved onlinisms. Also, the real Goreans as I know them, are becoming an endangered breed. Goreans loved nature, and untrusting of strangers. The Home Stone was the most important thing in their life. Nowadays, especially those who have not plowed through at least a single book about Gor, don't know these things, and find their beasts more interesting. And this you can see in the students too. Some are knowledgeable as they have read a lot, others are clear clean canvas ready to be painted on.

Victoria Forstander smiles “Lady Abbie has come to do a sketch of the interview.” 

Abbie: I apologize. There was a Kur on the docks and general mayhem. *laughs*

Victor: Tal Abs! Yes, hairy things are bad... all women should shave

Victor: I try to bring some humor to the Campus classes, without it being over the top rude

Victoria Forstander chuckles and shakes her head.

Victoria Forstander: Whoever invented the concept of character limits contributed a lot to the new Gor we play in today. What do you say about the limits? Many people claims Gor is supposed to be harsher and they back it up with quotes. This has raised so much debate in group chat rooms. I’m going to steal your metaphor of the clean canvas ready to be painted on for the new students *laughs*

Abbie: Tal, Sir. Good to see you again. Tal Victoria! *arranges her instruments and starts painting*

Victoria Forstander: “Tal Abbie.” She smiles towards her and motions to sit.

Victor: The only character limits there are, are based on the following: Your imagination, natural human limitations, city laws, customs, traditions and upbringing. But, especially for females, the place of birth is just as important. I fear many people skip the phase of proper character build up and development once they know how to swing a sword.

Victoria Forstander nodded in agreement while listening.

Victoria Forstander: There is a lot players have to consider when creating a character in Gor, just like they would have to do in any of them many other role play platforms. When you mention swords, the term "pew pews" comes to me and the the Gorean Meter. Although we have to realize that players come to Gor for different reasons, they may want to swing the sword and they may want good RP. Why did you come to Gor in SL initially if you would like to share that with me?

Victor: That's easy, I used to be on a different platform. Where Gorean RP in my opinion was dying, so the whole family came over to SL. Why did I join Gor itself? It feels like it gives many of the things I miss in RL. And I am not talking about hot naked pleasure slaves... well, I am not 'just' talking about hot naked pleasure slaves, but I mean honor and the view on life. How every thing's a miracle and all things have a beauty, both inner beauty and outer beauty. To comment, the Pew Pews and GMs each have their Place too. A GM is not just a weapon tool, it can be used for many things, including stealing of things. But again, people don't look deep enough.

Abbie quietly slips out to color the portrait outside in the light of day, candle light was not helping. “I’ll be outside.” She giggles.

Victoria Forstander smiled with a chuckle, finding him to have a good humor. "Thank you Abbie.”

Victoria Forstander: And then in all of that we have the medieval life, the many types of social classes. I more than likely came for that myself. Because of the medieval side of it. Although so much much technologically advanced. I think Gor has something for all tastes, it provides a gateway where your imagination is the only limitation. And yes people do not look deep enough. *winks*

Victoria Forstander: Could you teach me some Gorean Philosophy of your own? I know we have the books. But what can you say about Gor yourself? What is Gor for you?

Victor: Wait, medieval life? Gor is highly evolved! Though kept in restrictions. Many of the barbarian slave girls are highly educated on Earth and come here and share it. Our medical science, yes... science. Is far beyond that of Earth. I see light bulbs without electricity and crossbred animals... I would say Gor is just as evolved as Earth, only the Priest Kings, and the Initiate Caste have kept it more in check... if you gave Goreans Nukes and machine guns... I doubt they'd have these gorgeous slaves at their feet. But Gorean Philosophy... I don’t know if I have one, besides that one must live life as best as possible.

Victoria Forstander: I think that is the best Philosophy you could ever give anyone. And they will never go wrong if they practice it all the way. And yes, a lot of technology and advances beyond Earth's own reach. But look at what we wear, eh? And the instruments we use to eat and much more looks medieval to me. But you are right. The Initiates and the Priest Kings have kept us on check. What about GE Gor?

Victor: We men wear clothing based mostly on our work, or the location of our homes. Much like any human on Earth who works half a day, every day. We don't get to walk around in fancy clothes, and the Free Women. Well, I would be a racist if I said there were no women on Earth who wore those clothes now. And they are in many regions accepted and respected. 'Gorean Evolved' sims and lifestyle, I have not really experienced it. It never attracted me. I was told, when I first came to SL, that it was less about the RP and more about the physical combat aspect. Strayed from the books and some things were elevated to become more logical to the minds of Earthlings like the one who is reading this now.

Victoria Forstander: Good argument. And very true. It never really interested me as well, I am more interested in learning about the complex society that Norman created, not it's Disney version. Now that  we have covered quite a mixture of great topics, I would like to get back to your character if you don’t mind. Who is Victor?

Victor: Victor is... well, if I wore a GM here at the Campus... it would say: 'Awesome Hot Companioned Hunk' which... well, doesn't say much. But, I am a Scribe, a Magistrate to be precise. I have companioned a lovely woman and we have two children, one of which named after a very lovely Lady. Victor is straight to the point and polite, but strict on the Law, his twin Logan, is more the rough fighter, and I am the romantic soul.

Victoria Forstander smiled and sighed a bit, "Aren't we all hopeless romantics?" She chuckled, turning the parchment for more space to write.

Victoria Forstander: Thank you for sharing a bit about your character with us. And I am glad to hear that you are happy with your SL. What advice would you give to the new generation of Gor role-players and sim owners?

Victor: I would say, play your role. Don't do things, because you think that's what others want you to do. If you never get into a fight, you've never stood your ground on something. We all come here for our own fun, some to be slaves, serving sexually or not, others come here to fight. Yet others like myself come for the role play, and players should make this available in all their cities. This is not up to sim owners. Those select few should be thanked for all their hard work in creating a world for you to be in.

Victoria Forstander: I totally agree with you on that. Putting a sim together takes a lot of work, time and money. It is a pain. Sim owners are providing us with the opportunity to indulge in the vision of Gor they have brought to life. And so many take it for granted, its  giving and taking. With all its flavors, Gor in SL is a street with hundreds of avenues and an infinite amount of possibilities. 

Victoria: If you could convince someone to come visit the Gorean Campus and attend the classes, what would you tell them and why?

Victor: I don't need to say much, the Gorean Campus is free of charge, its stacked with information, awesome teachers... and I don't just mean myself. And it's all OOC, meaning NO IC is allowed. So you are totally safe away from your role play. It has a strict no nudity rule, so you can even be here with your children around you in rl. Its a good environment to learn and to meet others. Just keep in mind that recruiting here is forbidden.

Victoria Forstander: Yes, Campus has its laws and rules that are displayed in our websites. And you can come here to a peaceful environment, to learn about Gor in all its colors, which is amazing and a gift. I have have such a great time interviewing you. Have you enjoyed yourself?

Victor: I have taken my time to bring my viewpoints on things forward... I just would like to say, that I find it interesting that you still wear your GM here after all you said, but that might just be me. Yes, it was interesting and fun. Thank you for your time

Victoria Forstander: No, thank you for your time. It has been a fun insightful learning experience for me and you did great. 

Victor smiles “My pleasure.”

Abbie returns with the finished fresco. “Its done.”

Victoria Forstander eyes widen when she sees it, a smile forming in her face as she studied the work of art. “Its brilliant, great job Abbie!”


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  1. With respect,

    Regarding the Gorean Meter subject, I would just like to say that there are two object components to the current Gorean Meter. If a person removes only the object that is visible onscreen, the other part remains attached... and that is the part that continues to display a title over the avatar's head.

    So, it is possible to remove the "meter," but still display the titler. Many players remove their meters infrequently; I believe it is inexperience, not carelessness or disrespect, that causes this behavior, and with proper practice people can be trained to avoid this situation in future.

    I wish you well.