Monday, 20 June 2016

Campus Fun ~ Playing the Master

Kajira' life is to serve a Free with all her heart. Her extreme passion towards her owner and her profound happiness of being owned and be protected is what every kajiri dream of.
School time is the best time, or so says everyone. We, kajiri know that after the course is completed it may be a hard life out there. So, why not have a little fun, while at school, "Gorean Campus" and make some good memories.

It was the wee time. No one had yet woken up. The sun was yet to rise. It was the 5th Ahn, nearly  6:00 am in the  morning Earth time. i crawled out of the kennel to look at the beautiful sunrise at Gorean Campus. As I sat kneeling on the green grass on the edge of the cliff of the mountain taking in the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze buzzing in my ear, I closed my eyes to hear the sounds of nature. The birds sang a mellow tune. The sea roared with its ebb and flood tides.
At the Campus, am owned by our Campus Admin, Lady Janette. Though I have never met her in person, I have heard she is in an incredible lady. Am sure she must be, for she is helping so many get learned under her wings. We, Kajiri, at the Kajira Foundations Course strive to to be our best. Each day is a new one and each day we want to give a little harder try.
The day was just beginning with a lot of studies left, books to research and assignments to be completed. But, among this, we have fun. My fellow kajiri, Xaanii, who is also a student at the Gorean Campus comes online a little earlier than everyone else. We both chit chat, help each other and yes sometimes tease each other.
Here we are sneaking in at the Tavern long before any one is up. And me playing the Master and she practicing her serve. While I am giving orders, she is busy improving her service to a Free.
In the photograph from left to right: GiaBlossom and Xaanii
Next time I am bringing in some more Campus Fun. It can't be studies all the time. Can there?

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