Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Court was back in session today at the Gorean Campus, Magistrate, Lady Janette listened to opening arguments...........

Join us next Tuesday at 2 PM SLT to find out what happens next!!!

"GLA Case - The Perfume Tent"

Magistrate:  Lady Jan
Prosecutor:  Savage Storm  (Aaminah Keket)
Defender:   Thordin Redwolf  (Kade Bj√∂rne)
Accused Samos:  Maia Bjone  (Drew Scarlet)
Other Merchant:   Lady Tinker
Lady's Friend:  Tareq

[14:01] janette Inglewood: Tal everyone and welcome to week of the Advocate course three
and the first week of the trial of the perfume seller

[14:01] janette Inglewood: we all have our roles, I see the advocates are in place.. Court is in session

[14:03] janette Inglewood: today we have.....hmm...a perfume seller who is alleged to capture women.

[14:03] janette Inglewood: well....we better hear the advocates I think

[14:04] janette Inglewood: Prosecution....Savage......Defence....Thordin.
[14:04] Savage StormSavage Storm (Sunsphere) Looks towards the Magistrate and waits for his cue. 'Yes here Magistrate."

[14:04] janette Inglewood: Savage, your opening statement please

[14:04] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) Thank you

[14:04] Thordin RedWolf-Wolfrun (Gai Thor) looks to Magistrate Janette then over to Savage

[14:05] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) He rises from his chair as he lays down his scrolls for the moment and approaches the Magistrate 'Thank you your Magistrate." He straightens to full height as he looks at the defendant. His eyes narrows as he speaks in a clear loud voice. 'I intend to prove this Merchant Samos the Flatulent is responsible for a woman's disappearance by using capture scent. He is well known as a rich Merchant who fattens his pockets by selling perfumes. It is rumored attractive women who enter to buy his perfumes are never seen again. It is believed by other Merchants he is using Capture Scent to lure attractive women and sold as slaves to fatten his pockets. He is not as honorable as he appears and this I will prove to the courts. Thank you your Magistrate." he bows to the Magistrate and turns to the man and looks down at Samos before he takes his seat.

[14:05] janette Inglewood: hmmm interesting, thank you Sir.  Defence your opening statement please

[14:07] Thordin RedWolf-Wolfrun (Gai Thor) looks to his client and settles his scrolls down, stands and walks tot he end of the table. "I intend to prove that my client, Samos the Flatulent, is innocent of all charges and accusation. He is the victim here by jealousy of his fellow merchants. He makes his money honestly by selling the best of perfumes and scents. He is wrongly charged of capturing and selling of women." sits back down.

[14:08] janette Inglewood: I see, thank you Sir

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