Thursday, 23 June 2016

'La Kajira' : A reflection after graduation from Kajira Foundations

I am not ashamed to proclaim this
I am filled with joy, peace and pleasure having submitted to another
Does this make me weak or stupid? 
No, quite the opposite as the strength of unyielding views and clear focus of what I am to be in my life are clear to others around me

My choices in this life are simple; to succeed or fail
All that I am belongs to him
My mind, the thoughts and dreams are his to explore
There are no secrets

In serving him I find absolute freedom
I may fail and I accept the punishment, however harsh it may be
But always I am thankful
Displeasing my owner is far worse than a lash of the whip
Torment is the best emotion to explain when this happens

My body for his pleasure is given without hesitation
But one must know this is not the only focus, not what is most important
What must be remembered and appreciated?

The surrender to his boot, eyes and ears to him alone
To embrace and light the slave belly within
His slut, that is what I am, his beast, that as well
Whatever he calls me, I am his property
Nothing more, nothing less

I am proud to be his kajira

I am thankful my Master allows this girl to grow in her Gorean knowledge.  Kajira Foundations provided stepping stones to a place in my submission I had not explored.  I have entered a deeper appreciation of "La Kajira' and will strive everyday to be the best in the shadows of those kajira before me. 

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