Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Not Guilty!!

Court resumed today at the Gorean Campus....

"GLA Case - The Perfume Tent"

Magistrate:  Lady Janette
Prosecutor:  Savage Storm  (Aaminah Keket)
Defender:   Thordin Redwolf  (Kade Björne)
Accused Samos:  Maia Bjone  (Drew Scarlet)
Other Merchant:   Lady Tinker
Lady's Friend:  Tareq

[14:09] Kade Björne (Nickelus) looks to the Magistrate "thank your honor. Lady tinker I have but a couple of questions for you" as he stands and moves to the witness box "you are a proud and honorable free woman I presume?"
[14:09] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) turns to Kade as he still sees the man sitting down. Listens as he makes notes in his scrolls.
[14:10] Lady Tinker (mbataxladyea) stares down at hands trying not to chew on her lower lip looks up quickly at the question and blinks, "Yes I am"
[14:10] Kade Björne (Nickelus) stands before Lady tinker drawing his eye upon her "Lady tinker did you see my client Mr. Samos fill the perfume vials in question?" looks to the witness
[14:11] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) Objection your Magistrate what relevance does that have to the case?
[14:11] janette Inglewood: over -ruled carry on

[14:21] Kade Björne (Nickelus) smiles at Lady tinker and moves in front of the prosecution " Lady tinker did you or anyone you recover any capture scent that was in Mr. Samo's care or control?"
[14:21] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) Objection she just said no! slams his hand on the desk
[14:21] Kade Björne: *smiles at Lady tinker and moves in front of the prosecution " Lady tinker did you  recover any capture scent that was in Mr. Samo's care or control?"
[14:22] janette Inglewood writes down the prosecutor's name
[14:22] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) chuckles
[14:22] Lady Tinker (mbataxladyea) shakes her head once more "I did not"

[14:43] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) smiles as the man is getting agitated. Part of the Sardar Fairs is a time of peace where people are safe. You Sir are a very rich man in fact and isn't it a fact you had a woman you were hiding when Lady Tinker heard your voice?"
[14:43] Drew Scarlet: Not at all.. don't know what  you are talking about
[14:44] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) Who did you have back there that you did not want anyone to know before you were found out?"
[14:44] Drew Scarlet: I just answered that question
[14:45] janette Inglewood: answer it again then
[14:45] Drew Scarlet: there was no one in the back of my store that I know of
[14:45] janette Inglewood: thank you
[14:45] Drew Scarlet: like I said people were all over the place
[14:45] Kade Björne: "objection badgering the witness. the prosecutor hasn't shown one witness who can without a doubt say my client has done anything other than sell perfume"

[14:56] Drew Scarlet: of course if I was " Selling " them.. they wouldn't come back now would they?
well , Lady Tinker doesn't do so well in her tent and so I guess she might want me to get into trouble
[14:57] Rik Baar whispers "Everyone in Port Kar is jealous of his wealth, so what?"
[14:57] Lady Tinker (mbataxladyea) jumps up "What?"
[14:57] janette Inglewood: SILENCE in the gallery

[15:01] janette Inglewood: and now.... with no interruptions I will hear the prosecution summing up please
[15:01] Savage Storm (Sunsphere) He rises and stands where his seat is
[15:01] Savage Storm: He has done all he could, as he closes his stylus. He rises once more to approach the Magistrate. 'Thank you your Magistrate. Today we see a Rich Merchant who fattens his pockets by not only selling perfume but by other means to collect coin. Samos the Flatulent uses his perfume to lure unsuspecting women. He takes attractive women, snares them and drags them to be sold as a slave for coin. Other Merchants have accused him of this and the Merchant today as a witness have stated there are strange goings on in his tent. She has even stated his voice she has heard in his tent to hide and move someone. The Lady whose friend has disappeared remembers seeing her looking at the perfumes and then...snaps his fingers..she is gone. Where did she go? Why has she not returned? it can only be blamed on one man." He points to the defendant and squints his eyes. "Perhaps one day she will be found with a collar around her neck. Let us hope that is not the case and another is saved from the same plight." pauses. "So your
[15:01] Savage Storm:  Magistrate I beg the courts, make your decision wisely and punish this man before other women are lured to their demise. Thank you that is all." he takes a breath and resumes his seat. Looking at the Advocate Kade as he waits for his argument and the decision.
[15:02] janette Inglewood: excellent, thank you Sir
[15:02] janette Inglewood: and now the defence sum up please
[15:04] Kade Björne (Nickelus) rises and faces the magistrate " thank your grace. this case is very simple. the prosecution has failed to show us any vials of said capture scent nor can he produce a witness that can say without a doubt that my client had filled the vials with said scent. this case comes down to two jealous rival merchants who envy such a hard working and enterprising man as Mr.Samos and i would ask that you vacate the charge and make my client whole and end this hearsay and double talk as no hard proof has been submitted to this court today. thank you your grace"
[15:04] janette Inglewood: thank you Sir
[15:05] janette Inglewood: I shall now deliver my verdict....

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