Saturday, 15 August 2015

Gorean Campus ~ Three Year ANNIVERSARY!

This week, the Gorean Campus celebrates its third anniversary. 

In this time we have had over 51,000 visitors to our Campus sims. 

Campus has conducted an average of 25-35 classes a week, with some weeks as high as 50. Over 4000 classes have been held on Gorean Campus. 

Our website has had 16,993 visitors (12,026 unique) with 458,259 page views. Our Gorean Campus group has grown to over 3500.

Gorean Campus remains neutral, independent and commercial free.

Our success is attributed to our incredible teachers, our dedicated staff, the academies we host, and of course those many serious SL Goreans who seek Gorean, by the books knowledge.

Thank you to everyone for your support, we look forward to another great three years, serving our SL Gorean community!

Lady Janette
Administrator of the Gorean Campus

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