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Interview with Lady Gem, Physician and Teacher at the Gorean Campus

Lady Ku'ulei, Scribe Staff
Gorean Campus
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Greetings to all of the Gorean Campus, Staff, Teachers, Students, Colleagues and visitors. This week I have had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most respected Physicians in Gor. Her name is Lady Gem, she is an accomplished Physician, Healer and Veterinarian. She is also a FW dancer and an instructor here at the Gorean Campus where she teaches Medical Envoy and Surgery coming soon.

Please enjoy her story as I met with her in my office at the Gorean Campus.

Lady Gem

Gorean Campus Interview
Date; 08085 800pm

Lady Gem smiles walking up to the door as her office was just a bit farther away. Knocks on the door softly having received a message from Lady K'uulei the assistant Scribe for the Gorean Campus. Listening not sure if she was inside she waited.

Lady Ku'ulei Ever since she had took the job of Assistant Scribe she had been busy which she loved. Now that she left Viktel Aria a sim in which they preferred males over women she could be herself. She had been looking over her scrolls as she heard the knock on the door. Closing her folder she spoke softly. 'Tal please come inside.'

Lady Gem hearing the soft voice, turned the knob and walked inside. Pausing for a moment she looked towards the Scribe. 'Tal Lady Ku'ulei, I understand you wished to interview me?' she hovered near the chair looking around the office knowing Krista had mentioned a Scribe would be getting in touch with her.

Lady Ku'ulei smiles looking up at Lady Gem and rising briefly gesturing toward the chair. 'Yes Lady Gem we hadn't been formally introduced but I heard so much good things about you. Please take a seat.' She then sits back down on her chair, retrieving a fresh scroll and dipping her quill in the blue ink.

Lady Gem  smiles as she steps inside and eyes the chair and takes a seat. Crossing her legs. 'Yes what a delight to meet you as well. So how can I help you?'

Lady Ku'ulei she places her quill down and smooths her parchment having already dated the document. 'Thank you for coming. I know you are a busy person and thank you for making time for me. As you know I am Lady Ku'ulei. I am a Scribe Assistant and one of my duties is to do interviews with our teachers. I hope you don't mind being in the limelight as I am sure many of our staff, colleagues, students and teachers would love to learn more about you. So please be yourself and answer as candidly as you can as if it's just you and I having a casual conversation.' smiles as she gestures to some tea and water. 'Please help yourself.'

Lady Gem as she digests everything she has said, she leans forward to pour herself some water in the cool glass and topping it with tospit. Taking a sip she leaned back. 'i am very honored but I am a simple person and so will try my best.' Taking another sip she smiled. 'So what would you like to know?"

Lady Ku'ulei as she picks up her quill again she dipped it once more into the ink. 'Well for starters who you are, where are you from and what made you decide to be a Physician?' studies her closely

Lady Gem cradles her glass in her hand. 'Well I was born in Callera of which is my home still. I am a Chief Physician there. However my Mother is a Physician and healer. I was born in Callera but my father was of the North. I do not know him as something happened with he and my mother and so in her third trimester she left him and came home to Callera. As a child growing up I would ask her questions about him but she would always get quiet and so as time went on I stopped asking.' Her eyes grew thoughtful for a moment. 'Later I would meet a Northern man named Wulfheard and he had red hair and green eyes. Very tall and handsome..He swept me off my feet so to speak...chuckles.. and so began my life as his mate In Ice Inlet. Very different life there, the accent, the culture, they are very strong people, they embraced me and mayhap perhaps I carried Norse blood in my veins as well. There I became a healer like my Mother for a time and as I kept in touch with her she eventually left to go back to the North in Hulneth which is where she remained.' pours more water for herself as her mouth gets dry.

Lady Ku'ulei listens and nods as she keeps up with her writing. 'That's quite a story. How long were the two of you together and did you have any children? But more importantly what or who inspired you to become a Physician?' she then paused to take a sip of her tea.

Lady Gem sipping more of her water she thought back to her time as Wulf's mate then her eyes changed into sadness. 'We were together for many moons until he left me for the city of dust. At this time I was carrying our second child and was almost due to give birth. My son Selianae was already 8 yrs old. Yet it was during this time our clan was in dispute with another neighboring village and hatred was rampant. As we battled with them my Wulf was first Ax and he went to battle with them.' Her eyes grew misty as she placed the glass down. 'He never returned home, it was only later his faithful guards Shadashi and Mako they were of the Pani, but they swore oath to him to serve as he had saved their small village when he traveled to their village located on a small island in the sea. They told me my mate was stabbed in the back by a coward before they could get to him, as he lay dying in their arms the last words on his lips was my name.' she faltered a bit remembering. Rubbing her heart she murmured. 'The pain is still with me to this day.' Bites her lips. 'All I have of him is his cloak and shield. The very next day I went into labor and lost my daughter due to complications of stress. She didn't make it.' she held the tears at bay and sipped her water.

Lady Ku'ulei listening to her, she took another fresh scroll and wrote. Then she looked up feeling her pain as she too had tears in her eyes. Leaning over she touched her hand. 'I am sorry for your loss Lady Gem. I have not been companioned nor have children so I can only imagine the pain you must feel.' looking down she dipped her quill once more. Then smiles to her. 'I am sure your son must have brought comfort to your heart.'

Lady Gem smiles faintly and drinks the rest of her water. 'He would have yet in retaliation for the battle, the village we were in war with came at night and burned our homes and buildings down. I was on my way home from Keibel Hill while my Son and personal slave Molly died instantly in the fire that they had set. So arriving home the smoldering village left us in shock as myself and the Pani warriors fled to my house. Only to find the charred remains of my child and slave.' it was then she could not hold back the tears and she broke down. Removing a cloth from her robes she wiped her tears. 'It was too much for me. I had nothing left. I gathered what I could and said goodbye to the warriors who would return home to their village of the Pani people. I didn't know where to go and did not wish to burden my mother and so I found myself back in Callera.
I wasn't planning on going back to live there, but by chance the Ubar and his companion Danika a Physician at the time greeted me and they remembered me as a child and my Mother.

Lady Gem 'They asked me to stay and to be apprentice to learn under her as she wished to step down to be a kennel Mistress. So they gave me life again and inspired me to get certified. It was at the same time I practiced my healing skills in the wagons of Turia helping the main leader Roh when I could.' leaned back and blew her nose. 'in time the pain dulled and I lived.'

Lady Ku'ulei Her heart throbbed for her as she looked up. 'Such and inspiring story Lady Gem and I am sure many women will look up to and relate as well.' Smiles as she retrieves another scroll and asks. 'What can you tell me about Callera and how you managed to get promoted in less than three months and who was your mentor? Also what advice can you give to others who are just starting out?'

Lady Gem feeling a bit more relaxed she smiled. 'Callera is beautiful. From the lush green mountains to the various colors of wild flowers that line the land amid high peaked mountains with a hint of snow makes Callera seem majestic and serene. You have a sense of family even if you just meet these people. Though we are small, we are a tight group who care for each other, many of us have other things that keep us busy. For me its helping others but knowing we can always come back home to feel safe and secure. I have never looked back.' folds her hands. 'For me getting promoted I knew I wanted Lady Meetra as my mentor when I visited Thentis but being too young I could not stay there so while under her wings I traveled and I learned. I observed and participated whenever there was an emergency. I took classes here and in Tor as well as Thentis. I am thankful to have so many good people who helped me. Sir Ram was one in the field of Veterinarian in which I travel to help others and save their animals. Sir Snow, Lady E, Lady Carrie, Catherine, Scout and especially Lady Kaiila. With that goal in mind I made it happen and became a Physician and later a Vet. I was promoted by Lady Meetra and the Ubara Danika was able to step down and be a kennel Mistress where in time I was promoted to Chief Physician. Part of what I did as well was to practice in Olni and held the title of asst HOC. Lady Dahra and Lady Dove are still good friends and for a time I helped Port Kasra too until they closed down. So what I would say to others? Take your time and go at your own pace, everyone is different only you know yourself and whether you are promoted in 3 months or a year be the best that you can be.' smiles as she takes a breath.

Lady Ku'ulei smiles as she holds her mug of tea and sips. 'Sounds like very good advice to me. I understand you dance as well? I heard that you danced in the Thing Fair as well as took classes here for FW dancing and thus began your love of dance? Tell me about that.' smiles as she places her cup down and hovers over the parchment.

Lady Gem chuckles. 'Well I happened to go to the FW dance thinking it was a class about FW and not FW dancing. But as the huntress Ame talked more and more about the dancing I became more intrigued. Lady Dove my friend from Olni danced in the exhibition with me and it was so much fun. In a tribute to my mate and children I danced for them and yes whenever she needs me or even Nevar who is one of the founders of dance I am priviledged to go. The Thing Fair was a bonfire dance and it is common for FW to dance at festivals and such. I am proud to be apart of the dancing community and honored to dance as well.' smiles as she glows. 'I would recommend anyone to do that.'

Lady Ku'ulei laughs softly as she listens. 'I may just do that one day and thank you for sharing that with everyone.' bites the end of her quill. 'Now teaching here at the school was that something you always wanted to do and what classes can we expect from you? Please tell us something about each class please?'

Lady Gem smiles warmly at her. 'When I first started my career I hadn't even thought of teaching, I just wanted to make it.' shakes her head. 'But as time went on and I was given the opportunity to teach at Olni I was inspired and it was something I enjoyed. Later when I applied for the infirmary here and got the job and was promoted to Asst HOC of the infirmary.  I was asked by Lady Lynn if I wanted to teach but she was not sure as normally the PCOG expects one to have at least a year before they can teach and so when I asked Lady Carrie she gave me the green light.' smiles as she remembers. 'I knew besides my love for animals in which during the spring fair for the PCOG i did a class. I wanted to keep teaching and so I chose Medical Enovy as well as Surgery. It was successful and there was an interest. I wanted to give the Physicians an opportunity to increase their roleplay as well as to give purpose in their role. The role of a Medical Envoy is like an Ambassador in which we bring all the greens together as one in terms of allies. They work alongside the blue Ambassador with a common goal in mind. I just finished the class in July and will repeat it in Jan 2016. Surgery is to start up in September and I am excited.'

Lady Ku'ulei smiles at her. 'You are a very busy person Lady Gem and I am humbled by you. I am sure many greens are looking forward to your Surgery class. What else is on the horizon for you?"

Lady Gem grins...'Well since Lady Lynn has resigned there are talks for a HOC of the infirmary here and I hope to be head of that and even if not I am sure whoever it is will be wonderful. Also since she left the healing classes the students have been in limbo so perhaps I will help with that too. We shall see.'

Lady Ku'ulei 'That sounds great and I am sure whether you are teaching, dancing or leading an infirmary, you always do a great job and inspire others. Is their a quote you would like to share as we wind down and any words of advice for others?'

Lady Gem smiles to her. 'Yes this quote is my favorite  All creatures are not the same, nor is it necessary that they should be. To be sure, values are involved here, and one must make decisions. There is no single humanity, no single shirt, no correct pair of shoes, no uniform, even a gray one, that will fit all men. There are a thousand humanities possible. He who denies this sees only his own horizons. He who disagrees is the denier of difference, and the murderer of better futures.
Page 31 Savages of GOR

Lady Gem 'in other words let us choose not to be close minded but instead open, involved and not uninvolved, active and not inactive. But more importantly as healers let us care for the all forms of life in Gor. Thank you Lady Ku'ulei it was indeed a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to the article' she inclines her head to her and gathers her medicine bag.

Lady Ku'ulei 'As it was for me.' she smiles and rises shaking her hand. 'I am honored and if you do not mind I made a sketch of you for the article.' Smiles to her and looks down at her scroll. Until next time Gorean Campus another interview awaits with Sir Jerrod next week and as my interview with this wonderful Lady ends we are all the more better in getting to know her.

'This is Lady Ku'ulei for the Gorean Campus until next time I hope you enjoy.'

Lady Gem  'That is fine Lady Ku'ulei. I need to go as I have some paperwork to do. I wish you well.' she would rise and walks down to her office.

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