Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Interview with Physician Jerrod, a Campus Medical Instructor

Lady Ku'ulei, Scribe Staff
Gorean Campus

Today I had the opportunity to speak to Physician, Mentor, former HOC of Rorus and one of our teachers at the Gorean Campus. We met on campus amid the backdrop of the mountains and small lake that housed the swans people were allowed to feed at Campus. Along the perimeter there were lush greenery and beautiful flowers. The day was cool with light trade winds and Lar Torvis high in the sky.

Sitting on the bench beside me is Jerrod Moonwalker a man well respected in the medical field as well as among his peers. I was extremely honored to sit beside the man as he began to tell me his story.

Jerrod Moonwall; Tal Lady Kuulei

Lady Ku'ulei walks up to him admiring the swans. 'Tal Sir. Thank you for meeting me. Would you like to sit?'

Lady Ku'ulei places her bag on her lap. Taking out a scroll and quill. Then dates her document. 'Shall we begin?"

 Jerrod Moonwall: As you wish

Lady Ku'ulei 'First let me formally introduce myself. I am K'uulei as you know. I am the Assistant Scribe here on staff and each week I am doing an interview with our teachers so others can get to know you better. So please relax and take your time.' smiles and takes her scroll closer to her. Then dips her quill in the ink. 'Can you tell me about yourself and where are you from? Also what inspired you to be a Physician?'

Jerrod Moonwall waits patiently and toss's some old bread to the swans

Jerrod Moonwall: Well I'm Jerrod Moonwall as you know Son of Kerok and member of the Himura clan.
I was born of the Warriors,  then due to need worked for a time as a slaver.  But I never really felt at home
Then My Sister Sammie inspired me to take up the craft of healing.

Lady Ku'ulei nods as she listens. Smiling to him to continue.

 Jerrod Moonwall: I've found being a healer one of the most rewarding careers there is. Once I knew my skills I practiced and practiced and after awhile I felt the need to share what I've learned to others..
So now I teach when I can,  and try to help other inspiring healers.

Lady Ku'ulei looks up and smiles. 'Can you tell me one thing you enjoy about being a Healer? Also what city did you hail from?' nods as she writes. 'Yes obviously you are a teacher and here to inspire others as well.'

 Jerrod Moonwall: Healing is a mystery and well I guess I love to solve the mysteries that are presented to me.  I enjoy getting to know the people that come for aid.There are so many interesting people out there being a healer gives me a place to meet them and get to know them all the better as well.

Lady Ku'ulei smiles as she pulls out a fresh scroll and continues to write. 'Yes as I adore my passion of being a Scribe, You are from Rorus is that correct?"

Jerrod Moonwall: Yes, currently of Rorus  Though it wasn't the city I was born to, its one I've been in for many a year now.

Lady Ku'ulei 'I can understand that as ii was born in Aghri though I had left a long time ago. Can you tell me where you were born and what caste were your parents?"

Jerrod Moonwall: 'Its been so long ago I don't really recall. As to my parents,  Kerok is of the Warriors and my mother was of the Scribes.

[Lady Ku'ulei pauses as she writes. 'How interesting that the caste you chose is totally opposite of what you were born into. Yet sometimes we truly don't know where our passion lies till later. Were your parents supportive of your choice?'

 Jerrod Moonwall: Yes,  They have been very supportive I was a little worried with father being such a known warrior and most of my younger brothers being warriors.  But I think I've patched him up enough now that he is thankfull for my skills.

Lady Ku'ulei chuckles. 'Yes being a Physician does have it's rewards. So can you tell me what did you like about Rorus that made you decide to stay there and if you can describe it for others who may wish to find a home?'

 Jerrod Moonwall: Well for me Family was the most telling reason I went to Rorus, outside of that I like that Rorus isn't one of the large cities, its a small town with good people.  I've always found something to do.
It has a rich history and has been around a very long time.That means it has staying power and not likely to be gone to the City of Ashes any time soon.

Lady Ku'ulei smiles. Dipping her quill in ink. 'i have never gone to Rorus but from what I can tell it seems lovely from what others has said.' then looks at him. 'Yes we all know how that is. Just for the sake of it as many women I am sure wish to know. Are you single and do you have a family?'

Jerrod Moonwall: I have a life long companionship with Lady Junia Melody We have been together for over 5 years now.  I also have 3 kids,  1 became a warrior, the daughters took up the profession of physicians.

Lady Ku'ulei smiles and pulls out another scroll. 'How wonderful for you and congratulations. Are any of your daughters enjoying being a green?'"

 Jerrod Moonwall: Yes Gwen works in the North and Luna use to work in the north as well but has disappeared I fear. *frowns a moment*

Lady Ku'ulei  'Oh I am sorry to hear that. I am sure she must be busy and like any child they make us worry.' smiles to him. 'If there is one thing you can recommend in learning to an Apprentice what would it be?'

 Jerrod Moonwall thinks for a moment.  "My recommendation is don't get so stuck on detail and correctness,  but to relax and let your mind help paint the mysteries that is our Trade craft."

Lady Ku'ulei smiles as she agrees. 'I also think compassion works well for the patient too yes? How long does it take for one to get promoted as well?'

Jerrod Moonwall: One of my joys is writing stories and poems so this always goes well for me when doing my work  Promoted what do you mean?  And yes a good side bed manner is always helpful

Lady Ku'ulei 'Thank you for that advice I am sure many will appreciate that. What I guess I was trying to say is many Apprentices get stuck on getting promoted fast so any advice on that?'

Jerrod Moonwall: I personally feel being a physician is your first calling,  Extra work like Chief or Head of Caste.  Is not nearly as rewarding.  If your interest is being the next Chief Physician it is often based on opportunity. It can happen as soon as your a physician to years later.  Depending on what, where and how you want to pursue it.  But mostly have a level head and friendly attitude. As a formal Head of Caste I enjoyed my time but I was just as happy to hand the keys over to someone else and concentrate on my craft.

Lady Ku'ulei nods to him and finishes her writing. 'Sir it was a pleasure for me to sit here with you and learn who you are. The man, the Physician and how family and your craft is important to you. May I sketch you if you can stand somewhere so I may include it in the interview?'

Jerrod Moonwall: Was a pleasure.

Lady Ku'ulei takes out a different tpe of scroll and her larger quill, dipping it into the charcoal and starts to sketch. Please stand still for me.'

Lady Ku'ulei As she finished she smiles. 'I am done and thank you Sir. I will edit the interview and it will appear in our blog. I will send you the website should be by tonight. It was a pleasure and I wish you well.'

Jerrod Moon[wall: I wish you well.Maybe someday I'll share some of my stories with you Until next time peace be with you.

I must say I really enjoyed our time together and he is a very nice man. Once you get him talking there is a wealth of information to be gained. Until next time for Part II with Jerrod and his stories, This is Lady Ku'ulei reporting from the Gorean Campus. Scribe Staff.

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