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Interview with Orochi Masato one of the oldest Pani and a Teacher at the Gorean Campus

Welcome to another edition of the Gorean Campus Blog. I had an opportunity to sit down and speak to one of our teachers, Orochi Masato who teaches all about the Pani and soon will be teaching about Tarns. Please take a moment to read all about this fascinating man and his story.

 Kuulei  smiles as she just reaches her office. 'Tal Sir. Please have a seat.' as she takes a seat, she realizes she forgot her veil and lucky she had a spare one in her robes and slips it on . 'Please excuse me I came from home.'

Orochi Masato  of course

 Kuulei  taking out a scroll and a quill from her hair she places it on her desk. 'Let me introduce myself. My name is Lady Ku'ulei and I am a staff Scribe for the Campus. Can you tell me your name and about yourself Sir?'

Orochi Masato : Im Orochi  things about me well i have been doing gor since late 2011 sort of dove in. Decided too try i have done a Allot of roles both in BTB and in GE and have role played quarter of all cultures in gor Pani being Longest. I am disliked by some sects in gor because i am a good fighter/tarnsman hum not sure what else too say.

Kuulei smiles warmly at him as she writes. 'You mention you have been roleplaying the Pani culture for a long time. May I ask what island and village you are from as well as the name of your clan? what made you interested in that part of Gor as well and have your read any of the Gor books to fine tune your character?'

Orochi Masato as for island and village Pani islands are not really given names so not particularly plausible too say and Village is same way due too his back story and his ideology. Allot of his past is pretty unknown to him in character well allot of why was i first discovered Pani on my giani avi and Dove in too fill time larl rper.I also have ben researching/studying edo era and earlier for over 14 years now. I have red through most of Pani books tho allot of knowledge or memorization has eluded me due too how frantic busy rp and rl can be but enough too Help my character and myself enjoy the role for over 3 years now.

Kuulei she listens as she sketches him and finds his story fascinating. 'In my past when I started Gor IMVU as a slave I roleplayed in Pani but it failed because not too many were comfortable or had enough knowledge to play the part. Being part chinese I could identify with my role and as a dancer then I could dance pani which came naturally to me. Do you find that to be true that the reason why many of the pani sims dont survive is because of ignorance? what would you recommend for someone starting out and wanting to learn about being Pani?'

Orochi Masato well there are a Mirad reasons why Pani sims falter give me a few too type this could be a Long one

 Kuulei  'yes please many will benefit from your answer Sir so please go ahead.' smiles as she takes a sip of water and pours a glass for him.

Orochi Masato  Pani are a fractured role not because of gor but because of pop culture Mainstream media anime.They are a big part people come too gor and want too pick up a Katana and act like its kill bill afro samurai or a Mirad of other things from tv.That being sad also deals with Pani in SL gor we are all very different ideologies behind Pani.Reason i started teaching was because of another gor school was letting a man teach pani where Chinese and Korean and not Japanese so thats why i started.Another Major issue is raid culture gor is just as much about raid culture as Roleplay culture pani islands being hidden means the raid culture is minimalist at best unless theres another pani sim capable of raiding them and when men do not get raid itch satisfied they often flock too a place they can weather it is in BTB portion of gor or the gorean evolved portion.

Kuulei  smiles as she looks up. 'i do myself enjoy the anime part on my own time as well as the Korean dramas and I do admire the Japanese as well. Though I am part asian mixed with polynesian it does work in my favor. Growing up I loved the Shogun shows on TV where Shinosuke I think that was his name would dress as a commoner to keep tabs on his people and many would not recognize him. Only in the end would he come to have them committ hatakiri for their crimes and he in flull dress they wold then bow before him. I do believe most of what you sa is true but it still leads to ignorance or the failure to want to learn beyond that of anime,GE and more. So let me pose this question for you? Do your prefer Ge or Btb Gor? And also where you reside if its southern or northern how do you retain who you are and bring that to your interactions with others?"
Orochi Masato ): well i was a gorean evolved raider for awhile and people still think of me as such but i have done fought and did things that well i grew out of it.Sometimes i stray too gorean evolved for a fight or two but i find it boring meaningless raiders combat just for traffic or stats bores me these days so i am in by the book sims now. currently im a red caste captain in Ar and the Head tarnsman retaining myself well these days i try my best too remain calm and interact same with everyone. Tho that is Harder as by the book has Many inconsistency in it but thats just flow as time progress things change.

 Kuulei  'When I was in Viktel Aria as a Scribe i had the opportunity to meet Samira the Ubara. She is a very nice person. Please send my regards to her. I am now freelance I suppose but still maintain my passion for law. Can you tell me about how you grew up, your parents and any siblings you may have? Also was it hard learning to fight and be good at it? i lknow in IMVU they have a fighting style called T-1 all the way to T-5 which involves in turn postings a atack and then a defense. Have you heard of it? They hold tornaments and its much more than here hitting and attacking, they use words more as para when the fight."

Orochi Masato  as for parents again not something Orochi really knows as his back story.I do have a sister icly as for combat well yes and no in Long term gm combat is really like a Mathematical equation once you memorize numbers things of that it does become easier too for text combat i used to do it in forum combat but the 2-4 paragraph posts per person wore me out on doing that Particular style.

 Kuulei chuckles and smiles. 'Yes it can be very time consuming. For the women I am sure they are dying to know is there a companion or one in the future maybe? Also do you have any slaves? What can you tell me you see in your future as far as your character?'

 Orochi Masato (snowtora): i am companioned yes and as for slaves none are presently active. As for my character hard too say i leave it pretty Malleable for now i see myself in Ar till it closes .

Kuulei  'Thats wonderful. As far as a slave if you are looking for one what does she have to have to be a good slave for you? Also what inspired you to become a teacher here as well?'

Orochi Masato: well i always prefer too just teach slaves on my likes and dislikes my Habits more then set up some form of i dislike this or that or want i previously states i started teaching because i saw people teaching role playing Pani in ways unfitting the role.

Kuulei nods as she writes. 'i am sure many slaves will be excited to know that. May the contact you or just go to the city of Ar?' pauses. 'Now many of the teachers have their reasons and yours being justified. When you started here before teaching did you take classes here too? also how did you express your desire to teach? Were you approached or did you approach Krista?'

 Orochi Masato  i have known Jane awhile and i got in touch with her talked it and started from there never really attended too many classes here a few here or there.As for slaves they are free to contact me or seek me out in Ar

Kuulei  nods and smiles. 'May I ask what classes do you teach besides Pani and are there more in your future? Also did you see a difference when you taught the culture of the Pani and what was the results from the class? Positive or negative?'

Orochi Masato  i also teach tarn classes as well information on tarns and such. As for positive or negative as a teacher i always hope i make a positive influence and a positive  class but always hard too tell

Kuulei 'yes and I am sure many of the teachers will agree with you. Would you like to share a story for the readers, one experience you had? Also any words of encouragement to others who may wish to go into the Pani world and also teaching?'

Orochi Masato: im not best at storys Forgive for a encouragement all i can say is that despite Pani sims rising falling within days of its opening always Pani sects in btb sometimes in obscure small groups or migrating but there always there.

 Kuulei 'Yes I have seen them about. You mentioned you were studying Edo. Can you tell me what you have learned so far and how it will help you with your character's story and when will the Tarnsmen class begin?'

Orochi Masato hard too say Most it helps me with is understanding mind set or how Pani are but JN also writes gor also makes them different so its hard too transition my study into gor and use them properly.i Believe my tarn classes are starting again soon i know my Pani classes started up again earlier this week.

Kuulei finishes her writing and seals it. 'i am so glad we had an opportunity to meet and others may be able to get to know or teachers. The article will appear by tomorrow. Due to TOS rules i do not show the chatlog but instead make it more conversational and if I may have your permission to edit itt and have it appear in our blog? also i would like to finish my sketch of you if I may/ i can either take your sketch here or standing up or somewhere on the sim. Whatever you prefer?'

Orochi Masato (snowtora): that is fine and of course and go ahead and do you're sketch

Kuulei ''Thank you.' she would lift her scroll as she sketched him with partial background of the window. 'Give me a moment please."

Orochi Masato  of course

Kuulei as she finished her sketch, he was almost beautiful like a painting, transfixed in time in which only paintings could memoralize. 'Thank you Sir. May i say it was a pleasure meeting you and an honor. Thank you for meeting with me and when the article comes out may I add you so I may let your know what website to go to for your article? also do you have an questions for me?"

Orochi Masato  of course

Kuulei  'thank you very much.' smiles and rises. 'i wish you well and safe paths to you. Domo Arigato.'

Orochi Masato : aye of course rest well

Kuulei  'thank you Sir.'

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