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Interview with Ubar Kerok Himura of Rorus

Tal everyone of the Gorean Campus and the Gor world. Its another week and another story. I am pleased to share the article about one of our teachers Ubar Kerok Himura who comes from Rorus. We are very excited to welcome here to our wonderful staff where he will be teaching his new course Sundays at 2:30pm, starting September 6th, at the Gorean Campus. Here we will learn all about 'How to Create your Own Story Line' and we know whenever we are new to a role play it is hard to know where to begin. He will also help those who wish to learn how to make it as realistic as you can and expanding it over the course of time. It is sure to be exciting. So please relax and enjoy the interview with Ubar Kerok Himura.

Kerok Himura: knocks on the door

Kuulei  'Tal Sir. Please come inside.' looks up from her scrolls and smiles. Seeing the girl and nods. 'Thank you for coming.'

Kerok Himura : your welcome

Kuulei 'My name is Lady Ku'ulei and I am the Scribe Assistant for the Gorean Campus it is nice to meet you Sir.'

Kerok Himura  I am Kerok Himura. Ubar of Rorus this beast is shula.

Kuulei She pulls out a fresh scroll, dates it and starts to write. 'Aye well met. 'Perhaps your girl can serve you. water, juice or Black Wine?' smiles. 'I don't have any paga or mead.'

Kerok Himura: I am fine thank you. Do you need anything?

Kuulei  'I usually try to do an interview once a week with the teachers on staff and I hear that you will be teaching the Story lines?" gestures to her minted tea. 'Thank you no.'

Kerok Himura: that is correct.

Kuulei 'Your name Himura is quite popular. Can you tell me how you began and where you came from?'

Kerok Himura Well I personally am from the barrens.. A dustleg village that was raided.. The Himura's are a clan. The clan invites members to Join and when i was approached i took the clan name. You see it often because i have thirty children

Kuulei smiles and writes. 'Ahh I see. So are all of you are part of the clan who joined? Well then you answered my question' her eyes opens wide at the thought of thirty children and looks down at her own belly,. 'That is quite a milestone and how do you keep track of them all?' chuckles. 'By the way does the Himura clan hail from the Pani lands?'

Kerok Himura  I have my companion keep track of them in her scrolls. Mostly i just ask here when some one says tal father or grand father which one they are" chuckles

Kuulei  smiles. 'My regards than to your companion. So the Himura name is there a story? Does the clan come from the Pani lands?' she wasnt sure if he wished to talk about that or not but she smiled and paused in her writing.

Kerok Himura  Actually the Himura are not Pani. The clan itself originated some twenty or so earth years ago. Formed from killers.

Kuulei  'Interesting. Has it changed since then?' she pulled out another scroll dipping her quill into the black ink.

Kerok Himura 'Well it has changed a bit because it is no longer just killers in the clan.. There are many castes now..

Kuulei   'Thats wonderful as I have seen so many in passing and its nice to belong to somewhere that you can call home. So tell me since coming from the barrens and being part of a clan how did you end up in Rorus?'

Kerok Himura chuckles "That is a very long story that has taken a lifetime.. To condense it though i was Ubar of Harfax until betrayed by a very wicked woman.. I ended up in exile with a few very loyal followers. We moved to Teletus until we could raise an army and take back HArfax. In the war Harfax was burned to the ground and i destroyed the home stone. The armies and those followers that were still with me then when to Jad where i became Ubar there.. When Treve attacked Jad and the priest kings burnt it to the ground i moved to Rorus. Started as a spear there and worked up until i eventually became Ubar there

Kuulei  'That is fascinating indeed. I am sure being an experienced fighter as you have proved to be you must have a lot of stories to tell. Is Rorus still at war Sir? And what can you tell me about your home stone and if someone is looking for a place to live what is the one thing that would entice them to live there?'

Kerok Himura Right now Rorus is not at war.. The last war we were in just ended a few months ago. There are a few cities rattling there sabers but none attacking except for the north who do tend to raid now and again. I would say that our village with its open spaces and our people are what entice most people to live in Rorus

Kuulei smiles as she listens. 'I have never had a chance to visit Rorus and I would love to do so one day.. Warrior to teacher? Can you tell me what made you decide on becoming a teacher here?'

Kerok Himura  Well one of your teachers brought some students to Rorus for a tour.. I gave the tour and was contacted by the administration asking if i would teach. We talked a bit and decided that Sim Management would be the first class i taught.. When that one ended i looked for what needs i have seen over the years and decided to try and help people create story lines.. Since out of all the RP in my opinion story lines are the most fun

Kuulei  smiles to him. 'Yes I believe that was Panner and it seems to be a popular venue. I am not sure where the next city will be though. When i think of storylines i was an 18 yr old girl sitting in a slave room waiting for an owner to buy me because I wanted rp. This was in IMVU another venue to here. Well a Master came in from Gor and bought thus began my life as a slave and it has been ten years later. I heard about SL and came here changed to a FW and well here I am. I wish I had someone to help me with my backstory as it is always evovling. What can a person new in Gor or any rp learn from your class?'

Shu'la  mumbles how to toss people off the wall into the moat

Kerok Himura Well the first part of the class will be how to develop that back story .. which is very important for the rest of your life because that is your first and longest lasting story line.. We will go into the importance of keeping notes and using what happens to you to make your character grow just like in RL.. Once we have done that then we will be going in to how to create stories that you can start to bring other people in .. Like my family's story and my clans story.. For the Himura clan if everyone that is a Himura was here still in SL Gor and RPing we would have somewhere around 200 people involved in that particular story line

Kuulei  smiles as she does a sketch of him holding the two scrolls in front of her. 'That does sound exciting for someone new coming in. For myself I am still fine tuning my own. It seems easy to make up a family and largely from what I see many Free Women look for a mate so they can begin their lifestory and yet have a problem with it. Any advice on that? would it also be easier for them to just create a mate as a NPC since there are more women than men?'

Kerok Himura: well you could do that i am not a fan of the NPC i think it takes away from the possibilities of what could happen.. As for advice on finding a mate. If all the woman of Gor would get their male friends to try it and learn to RP we would have a lot more men and Gor could use the new blood.. *smiles

Kuulei laughs softly and winks. 'Good idea.' chuckles. 'I should recruit some from IMVU and send them to you for training.' grins. 'I know your class begins Sundays at 230p I believe? If someone came to you what advice can you give them for their life story to begin with?'

Kerok Himura  first of all i would advise to keep it realistic.. Back stories of ferel torive mambas just tell every person to you try to RP with that you have no concept of how Gor is or what would be possible. I know everyone wants to be unique but some things are just so far out of the realm of where your RPing that people just stop RPing when they see that kind of thing

Kuulei  'I agree and I had seen one man who was a Torvie with fangs and I have never heard of such in the books. He seemed to be more vampire than Gor to me. Thank you for the advice and of course it helps if one reads the books too.There was a time to rp Gor one had to read the books. Is there any story from your past that sticks out in which you wish to share?'

Kerok Himura When i first started i had not read a single book. Over the course of years i started to get curious about what people said were btb and what were onlineisms and started to read them. My Character grew a great deal over those years because i understood the place we RP in better. so i would completely agree that reading the books helps you a great deal

Kuulei  'Yes.Sir Kerok thank you so much for your time and it truly has been a pleasure in getting to know you and even I am excited for your class. For the article I will be editing and not pasting the log but making it more conversational. I will let send you a message once it is done and published. I also hope to go to one of your classes as well. It was nice to meet you and thank you for coming in.' smiles and taps her left shoulder. 'I wish you and your homestone well."

Kerok Himura: it was nice to meet you as well. I look forward to seeing the article. I wish you well. Come mine

Kuulei 'Thank you Sir.'

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