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GOREAN DANCE JUDGES Q & A ~ June 28, 2015

the minutes of a Q&A of dance judges: Masters Ramius, Nevar, Koardan, & Mistress Janette
discussion on June 28th, 2015 at SGD ~ DGofG

[13:00] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): ok maia , lets go

[13:01] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles softly "Yes my Master"
[13:01] Maia (fionna.carter) takes a deep breath and tries to look calm and relaxed being in the company of so many distinguished judges.

[13:01] Maia (fionna.carter): Greetings and welcome to the School of Gorean dance and the Dance Gardens of Gor. I have to say I was honored to be asked to facilitate this session as it's not often you get chance to put a group of dance judges under the spotlight.
[13:02] Koardan: stirs from his thoughts

[13:03] Maia (fionna.carter): Today I am delighted to be joined by Master Ramius. Ramius is a supporter of dance and a has been a dance judge for some time. He believes girls should dance as the individuals they are and embrace their uniqueness. He believes impromptu dancing is a fundamental skill, and girls should never think they can't dance because they feel they are not up to a competition. Being able to get up and entertain is a true skill and he encourages all girls to dance. No lights, no audience, no bickering, no glory needed. Just dance.
[13:03] Koardan grins.

[13:03] Lio (lionel.laszlo): thanks to all the girls and great dancers from the audience

[13:03] Maia (fionna.carter): Today I am delighted to be joined by Master Ramius. Ramius is a supporter of dance and a has been a dance judge for some time. He believes girls should dance as the individuals they are and embrace their uniqueness. He believes impromptu dancing is a fundamental skill, and girls should never think they can't dance because they feel they are not up to a competition. Being able to get up and entertain is a true skill and he encourages all girls to dance. No lights, no audience, no bickering, no glory needed. Just dance.
[13:03] Koardan grins.
[13:03] Lio (lionel.laszlo): thanks to all the girls and great dancers from the audience
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[13:03] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Koardan, has been a slaver at Port Haifa Academy since 2011, He has taken special interest in the art of Gorean dance, including sketching, music, performance, judging, and support of the community. He has learned deeper aspects of the art through classes at Port Haifa, the Academy of Gorean Dance at port Olni, his beast's Tavern series at Gorean Campus, and the judges certification series from the School of Gorean Dance.
[13:04] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood) claps for Master Ram

[13:04] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress Janette, Head of Gorean Campus and a experienced dance judge//trained with Iris at the AGD
[13:05] Ramius (ramiusmarco): spies a bucket of rotten tomatoes... eyes narrow

[13:05] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood) claps for the lovely Mistress
[13:05] Maia (fionna.carter): and my Master, Master Nevar who neglected to give me his bio

[13:06] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): figured she could write it
[13:06] Maia (fionna.carter): Before I open it up to the floor for questions, one of the benefits of facilitating this session is I get to ask my questions first. And actually I kind of cheated as I sent out my questions in advance as I was kind of curious to what their responses would be.

[13:06] Maia (fionna.carter): Every response was almost the same and I am going to use Master Koardan's reply because he so succinctly captures the essence of all the other responses.

[13:07] Koardan leans in with interest, a smile on his face.
[13:07] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood) blinks
[13:07] Maia (fionna.carter): "Gorean dance is the pinnacle of artistic expression by virtue of it's combination of feeling, writing, visual arts, music, community, and technology."
[13:07] Koardan: Wise words.

[13:08] Maia (fionna.carter): To me it shows that each of the judges here and a true understand of what goes into each of our dances, this is rare and not all judges understand the passion and energy we put into our dances
[13:09] Maia (fionna.carter): The second question I asked which I think will be a foundation for a lot of the discussion here today was "What disappoints you most about Gorean Dance?" Rather than me relaying their answers lets hear from the judges themselves.
[13:09] Maia (fionna.carter): I am going to ask Master Koardan to respond first

[13:09] Koardan: What disappoints me most is ...
[13:10] Koardan: when we lose any dancer
[13:10] Koardan: when they quit, out of frustration, or drama, or preassure.
[13:10] Koardan: learning or expert, it is a loss when they pause or quit. #
[13:10] Koardan: learning or expert, it is a loss when they pause or quit. #
[13:11] Koardan: Such is my largest dissapointment.
[13:11] Ramius (ramiusmarco): nods in agreement
[13:11] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): well put Koardan
[13:11] Koardan: Thank you Nevar.
[13:11] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles
[13:11] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress Janette
[13:12] janette Inglewood: well rather the same as Koardan and i promise i did not copy his homework....
[13:12] Koardan: (chuckles)
[13:12] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): giggles
[13:12] nadi (nara.zsun): grins
[13:12] janette Inglewood: That there have to be losers, or should i say "non-winners" in a contest, often by the slightest of margins and these dancers may feel disheartened.
[13:12] janette Inglewood: ~ done
[13:12] janette Inglewood: ~ done
[13:12] Nevar  (nevar.lobo) nods and nods

[13:13] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles softly "yes it can be really tough on a dancer, I have almost quit a few times due to pressures"
[13:13] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius
[13:13] Ramius (ramiusmarco): Aren't we opening a can of worms with this question. Start throwing the rotten tomatoes now. 

This answer is directed only at dance competitions, since this is a judge panel.

[13:13] Ramius (ramiusmarco): I would say my biggest disappointment is the tendency to stray from dance being Gorean. I hear, 'dance your heart' which has shifted to 'whatever you do is ok, pat pat pat on the head' 

There are other dance venues. There are storytelling venues. I enjoy both. When i attend a GOREAN DANCE event, i expect to see a gorean dance. I completely understand a dancer needs to express herself etc etc but make sure you are expressing yourself in the right venue. 

There has been a shift that is what I'm calling the 'head pat syndrome'. No matter the quality of what is put forth, a pat on the head is given. You walked into a dance competition to be judged. You are asking for an opinion. Don't expect a pat on the head. 

Many girls won't compete anymore. Ask yourself, why is that? Has the "competition' run it's course? 


[13:14] Eir (lizzy.starfall): better ask something else before i get hit with a tomato *giggles*
[13:14] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): very well put Ram

[13:15] Maia (fionna.carter): Master I think you have hit one of the issues nicely on the head!
[13:15] nadi (nara.zsun): nods in agreement
[13:15] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master

[13:14] Eir (lizzy.starfall): better ask something else before i get hit with a tomato *giggles*
[13:14] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): very well put Ram
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[13:15] Maia (fionna.carter): Master I think you have hit one of the issues nicely on the head!
[13:15] nadi (nara.zsun): nods in agreement
[13:15] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master

[13:15] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): I have a bit of a different answer to this... the loss of the girls or boys dancing is a great loss to the community but we have another part of the community that is forgotten so this is my answer
[13:16] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): The Lack of Free who take part in dance and take the opportunity to explore those quotes in the book. The focus is always so much on the dancing slaves and at times of celebration the free should get out and dance as well.
[[13:16] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): #

[13:16] Hathor01: when did dance competition start in Gor and why is there such a thing as dance competions?
[13:16] Maia (fionna.carter): wow i said it would be a great foundation
[13:17] Koardan nods to Nevar - good point brother.

[13:17] Maia (fionna.carter): Ok so I am opening it up to questions from the floor please type @ and I will come to you in turn
[13:17] Maia (fionna.carter): Eir
[13:17] Eir (lizzy.starfall) smiles to the judges "I have a question. in many artist events, the response of the audience is an important part in judging. Why wouldn't this aspect be brought into Gorean dance, even if it is not a block to check off on a notecard?"
[13:17] Hathor01: @

[13:18] Maia (fionna.carter): ohh who would like to answer that one
[13:18] janette Inglewood: @
[13:18] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress please go ahead
[13:18] Koardan: @
[13:18] janette Inglewood: partly because one does indeed mark closely to what is on the card, partly because it may be the dancer has brought a lot of friends who cheer for them #

[13:19] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Koardan
[13:19] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): nods
[13:19] Koardan: I like the idea of somehow including the audience opinion...
[13:19] Koardan: even if we need to consider how to remove the popularity favort
[13:19] Koardan: factor
[13:19] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @
[13:20] Koardan: some 'wisdom of crowds, poll, blind dance, etc
[13:20] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius

[13:20] Ramius (ramiusmarco): The audience isn't a true factor because it is very easy to pack the audience with supporters. There have been blind events where dances are voted on. I haven't seen one organized in some time. Perhaps someone needs to organize one.
[13:20] Koardan: I also have a comment on the BTB competition point, ... for later. ty#

[13:20] Eir (lizzy.starfall): "Thank you Judges!" smiles at their answers "oh yes, i love the blind events"
[13:21] Maia (fionna.carter): Yes I entered the blind one last year Master and I have to say I was so much more nervous about that one than any other competition
[13:21] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master

[13:21] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): In normal competition we are judging on the dance and technical part of the dance .. what happens if you include the dance is that everyone will cheer a dancer in the sands no matter how the dance is and that is one part of what Ramius was speaking about the pat your head theory
[13:22] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): hmmmm i've never seen a blind event.. no pun intended :D
[13:22] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): so its hard to consider what is true like or dislike from the crowd #

[13:22] Maia (fionna.carter): Nods in agreement
[13:22] Maia (fionna.carter): Hathor you have a question

[13:22] Koardan: (some voting tool perhaps) - listens to Hathor.

[13:23] Eir (lizzy.starfall): "Yes Master" smiles in agreement "it is a judgmental call.... umm yeah"

[13:24] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah): @
[13:24] Maia (fionna.carter): If you have a question please type it out on a notecard in advance
[13:24] Koardan: Re books that Hathor asked earlier....- Even if competitions are not listed in the books, is it still fine to have people enjoy them, even if we label them as not BTB?
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[13:25] Maia (fionna.carter): rachella lets go with yours
[13:25] Rachellla: some girls are in every contest and others just do one a year, does it make a different how look at the dance, what i mean is would you those well know judge with higher expectations ((not sure thats the right word i do hope so )), as for me personal looks like its often the same girls that win

[13:26] Maia (fionna.carter) looks to the judges to see who would like to answer first
[13:26] Honey Heart (h0neyheart) is online.
[13:26] Rachellla: should i say done?
[13:26] мєℓ  ℬιαͼкℋєαяԏ  (sweetmel81) is offline.
[13:26] janette Inglewood: @
[13:26] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress Janette
[13:26] janette Inglewood: for me totally not, i do not consider who is doing the dance only the dance itself.
[13:27] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles
[13:27] Nevar  (nevar.lobo) nods
[13:27] janette Inglewood: ~ done
[13:27] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @
[13:27] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master -- ooh this is going to be good -- grins
[13:27] nadi (nara.zsun): @

[13:28] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): For me its about the dance like Lady Janette said but also I think we can do a bit better with what we are organizing to help get girls who have not danced in competitions dancing.  I think i will stop there #
[13:29] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius
[13:29] Ramius (ramiusmarco): For myself, I work very, very hard at being systematic and applying the same formula to each dance. It doesn't matter if you dance every week or once a year. If I see you once a year I'll most likely encourage you to dance again... smiles, especially if I liked it. done

[13:29] Rachellla smiles softly........ thank you for the answers
[13:29] Maia (fionna.carter): Thank you Master, I remember the encouragement you gave me the first time I danced in a contest

[13:30] Maia (fionna.carter): and for that I truly thank you
[13:30] Maia (fionna.carter): Tivi I think you were next
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[13:30] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah): As much as judging tries its best to be Objective, we all know that, deep down, in some aspects, it is entirely Subjective.  As a judge, your mood that day will affect your scores, or your personal feelings towards a person, no matter how much you try to keep it from doing so.  What measures do you personally, or do you feel judges in general, should take to reduce the Subjectivity in judging as much as possible?

[13:30] Ramius (ramiusmarco): excellent question
[13:31] Maia (fionna.carter): who would like to tackle that one first?
[13:31] Koardan: @
[13:31] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Koardan
[13:31] Koardan: When they step into the sands, I forget their name. ....
[13:31] Koardan: al memories and opinions of their past triumphs and failures vanish
[13:32] Koardan: I judge the dance by that performance alone.
[13:32] Koardan: I don't care where they come from
[13:32] Koardan: I don't care who owns who
[13:32] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @ but give me a moment to type it
[13:32] Koardan: I don't care their gender
[13:32] Koardan: I am equally harsh to all.
[13:32] Koardan: #

[13:32] janette Inglewood: @
[13:32] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah): Equally harsh.  *Giggles*  Thank You, Master.
[13:32] Koardan: (( winks ))
[13:32] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress
[13:32] janette Inglewood: I truly do not consider the name of the dancer, and anyway i get confused by changing slave names and forget who is whom. If i am in a rotten mood they will all get tougher marks equally. ~ done
[13:32] Desire (alba.silverfall) smiles
[13:33] nadi (nara.zsun): grins

[13:33] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah) grins at the changing slave names.  Thank You, Mistress.
[13:33] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius
[13:34] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @
[13:34] Ramius (ramiusmarco): As a judge I think very hard on HOW i judge. HOW i use those scorecards to be fair and consistent at every event. You are right, Tivi when you say a judge can be having a bad day. A judge needs to be aware of how to be consistent. What is the method they have developed for themselves to ensure their integrity remains above reproach. For me personally, this is very important.

[13:35] Maia (fionna.carter): excellent answer Master
[13:35] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master
[13:35] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah) grins.  Thank You, Master!

[13:35] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): would like to say that yes there is some Subjectivity in the judging of dancers . I try very hard to judge the dance not the person .  I have been  judging contest with dancers who I have worked with for over a year and when they step into the pit they have to dance just like anyone else dances . There is no different in what i do from dance to dance ..  If you come to me after when you get your scores i will tell you exactly what was in the dance that caused that score.  If you are being scored on a 6 scale . and 3 is satisfied then if you get a three you have done something right .. if you get higher then something jumped out at me and if you get lower then you missed something . so i tend to have lower scores then most but i score the same.

[13:36] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah) smiles.  Thank You, Master.
[13:36] Maia (fionna.carter): Thank you, some excellent responses
[13:36] Maia (fionna.carter): Nadi you had a question

[13:37] nadi (nara.zsun): Yes I was replying to the question about audiences voting.......

[13:37] nadi (nara.zsun) depending on the event and the theme. Many times the audience are not educated to the criteria for dances or are new to Gor or have not read a book. The girls go to school and classes and study many hours. To open a dancers offering to an audience to vote on that perhaps like her music, or costume, or hair or such would be unfair to all her/his time spent doing it the proper way. It could become very unfair and discouraging to a hardworking dancer.
[13:37] Maia (fionna.carter): ohh
[13:38] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): very good point nadi
[13:38] Maia (fionna.carter): Aini
[13:38] Eir (lizzy.starfall): @
[13:38] Aini (anneke.oddenfen): Thank you for permitting me to ask a question and thank you judges for taking your time to answer. I am curious as judges who have seen their fair amount of performances; what would you like to see dancers do more of in their performances?

[13:38] Rachellla: @
[13:39] Ramius (ramiusmarco): grins strike the word ORB from the dictionary!
[13:39] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @
[13:39] janette Inglewood: hehehe
[13:39] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @
[13:39] nadi (nara.zsun): LOL at Master Ramius

[13:39] Maia (fionna.carter) laughs
[13:39] Eir (lizzy.starfall) laughss
[13:39] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master
[13:39] Koardan: LOL ! (rolls orbs)

[13:40] Desire (alba.silverfall): @
[13:40] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): aplaudes Master Ramius courage in the face of so many ORBS!
[13:41] Summer Wyrd (summerbreeze.svenska) giggles.. agreed

[13:41] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): get more movement and emotions into their dances . get connected with what you are dancing about and dance. Also, there are a few pet peeves i have 1. there is no the in front of Thassa , 2. Ihn, Ehn and Ahn are all capatilized and 3. and know your plants and animals and how to use them in your dance ot make it more Gorean
[13:42] Maia (fionna.carter) starts scribbling down all these tips
[13:42] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius

[13:43] Ramius (ramiusmarco): i would like to see dancers realize less is more. When i have to go back and re-read because there are so many adjectives for an adjective because of my flowing, crackling, softly bouncing, ta-sarna hued, ostlike curling of the thick locks of what the hell? it can be exhausting. It can sometimes get out of control. I settle in with a paga in hand and watch. Just dance for me. I'm a man. I'll like it.. smiles
[13:43] janette Inglewood: @
[13:43] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): wiggles my lil fuzzy leem tail in excited agreement with master Nevar!

[13:43] Ązϊzα (riojadeice.orchid): giggles and nods
[13:43] Summer Wyrd (summerbreeze.svenska) falls over giggling
[13:44] Ŀєŋŋկ Mɨgµëℓ Ŀσþez (terence.blackheart) is offline.
[13:44] Maia (fionna.carter): I like that Master *notes down less is more*
[13:44] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): props summer back up
[13:44] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress
[13:44] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood) bends at waist, head hitting floor in an hysterical laugh
13:44] janette Inglewood: i agree with Nevar and Ramius, and get movement......use that sand pit , use the space you have ~ done

[13:45] ℜaven (illuminus): @
[13:45] Koardan: falls out of chair lauging at the many adjectives of Ram
[13:45] Maia (fionna.carter): Master K do you have something to add
[13:45] Nevar  (nevar.lobo) laughs

[13:45] janette Inglewood: @
[13:45] Summer Wyrd (summerbreeze.svenska) grins at sis
[13:46] Koardan: I agree with Ram - keep it ot 6 adjectives or adverbs per noun/ verb...or less.
[13:46] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress
[13:46] janette Inglewood: oh and talking of capitals.....Home Stone and Priest-Kings ~ done
[13:46] Maia (fionna.carter): ohh good ones Mistress
[13:46] Koardan nods to Lady Janette.
[13:46] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): wow.. counts on her fingers and moans seeing 4 fingers left over
[13:46] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): oh yes !

[13:47] Maia (fionna.carter): Ok i have a question from someone in the audience which I will ask on their behalf

[13:47] Maia (fionna.carter): I have be in SL Gor nearly 10 year now. Back in year one there was like only 10 Gorean sims that offered good roleplay. There would always be a dance competition for city anniversary, right before a tournament.
There was no panel of trained judges. Judges consist of an admin from various cities. Sometimes one judge... sometimes more.
First dance i enter i fail because every word i write i have convert from italiano to english. It would lose meaning in translation. But i keep on... my english improve with help of my Master. By dance 7 i nail it. Dance of the Tuchuks. I won... at that point i could write english... i could compete... i could dance impromptu in taverna. My message is to girls that use language as barrier not to dance. It is not barrier but do judges see it as so please.

[13:48] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @
[13:48] Lexi Hayek smiles
[13:48] Eir (lizzy.starfall): good question!
[13:48] ƧweeʈƇherrуBrowŋ ƧöԼö (sweetcherrybrown) is online.
[13:48] Rachellla: verry good one
[13:49] Maia (fionna.carter): This is actually an interesting question as I often see it as an excuse for potentially great dancers to give up
[13:49] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master
[13:49] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): excellent question!
[13:49] Neria (serephina.serenity) is offline.
[13:49] Desire (alba.silverfall): ( I am Italian as well smiles)

13:49] flute Alonzo: grazie.. it importanta one as many girls i know use as excuse not to dance also
[13:49] Rachellla: ((I am dutch and use words in my ways))

[13:50] kate (kate1977april): whispers softly 'can anyone enter?
[13:50] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): yes kate!!!
[13:50] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): That is a good question and we face this issues all the time . I try to make it a point to know who is not english native even British Gorean ... but what i recommend to anyone who does not speak english as a first language is get with someone that you trust that does speak English and go over your translation. that way you know if you have any issues or not in your dance #

[13:50] kate (kate1977april): smiles shyly ' is there much of a wait/ '
[13:51] Desire (alba.silverfall) nods and smiles

[13:51] Maia (fionna.carter) glances to the other judges would anyone else like to respond
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[13:51] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @
[13:51] Koardan: @@
[13:51] Rachellla: I agree with Master Nevar but what problem in see in that is often a dance need be so much changed its not your own dance anymore
[13:51] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius

[13:51] Ramius (ramiusmarco): I have seen many girls present wonderful dances when English is their second language. I see those girls as working very hard as not only do they have to write and put together a dance, they must then ensure it translates properly. I agree to get someone to help you ensure your translation comes across as you intended. I do not think its a barrier for me as a judge. I say kudos to you for all that work.
[13:51] flute Alonzo: si agrees

[13:52] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): nods nods
[13:52] Eir (lizzy.starfall): shhh... its not a discussion Sis
[13:52] Snookie (snookiegirl) is online.
[13:52] Eir (lizzy.starfall): hehe
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[13:52] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Koardan
[13:52] Rachellla: ohhh *grinss and hushes*
[13:52] Ramius (ramiusmarco): perhaps we need an english is your second language event ! done
[13:52] Jamila (gabbyjamilsonn) listen careful at the discution
[13:52] Koardan: I care about your art, your feeling, not your speling, or native language. I do think it's good to polish a prepared dance, simple spellcheck etc. I also think we need 3 modes -expo, new dancer, and proficient dancers.

[13:53] Koardan: I say new dancer, so they have a chance to learn, and get feedback form judges
[13:53] janette Inglewood: @

[13:53] Koardan: but also a chance tovet them before they feel they are ready to go against the creme de la creme.
[13:53] ℜaven (illuminus) nods as she agrees with Master Koardan, to me it is very overwhelming to just step into a contest.
[13:53] Koardan: #

[13:53] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): hmmm maybe more exhibitions for new dancers... scribbles taht down

[13:54] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress
[13:54] janette Inglewood: Agree with the others because sadly yes bad grammar and language is an impediment. I am English, i can ignore American spelling but not incorrect emotes. The answer has to be to get it proof read. ~ done

[13:54] Nevar  (nevar.lobo) laughs
[13:54] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @

[13:54] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @
[13:54] Maia (fionna.carter): ohh this one is getting hot
[13:54] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master
[13:54] Rachellla: @
[13:55] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): @
[13:55] Maia (fionna.carter): ((Eir get ready you are next followed by Rachella))
[13:55] Feather Fallen is offline.
[13:55] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): Just a funny story , when i dance and get done writing she will grab my dance and say .. 'My Master these need to be changed your writing is terrible... well im American and she is Brit .. go figure !
[13:55] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): #
[13:55] Çнαℓïcє  'Ƭнє Ƭαtɼıx'  Ƭɛɼɼợɼ (satarria) is offline.
[13:55] Maia (fionna.carter) gasps
[13:55] dina (abba.ansari) is online.
[13:55] janette Inglewood: hehehe yes like honor - honour
[13:55] ℜaven (illuminus) bursts out laughing
[13:55] Desire (alba.silverfall) laughs
[13:56] Maia (fionna.carter) hastily looks at Eir, you have a question Eir
[13:56] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): the queens English hehehe

[13:56] Eir (lizzy.starfall): "Thank you Maia and thank you judges, i was going to ask about the importance of feedback but i changed my mind and i want to ask if it is possible for a slave girl to be a judge?"
[13:56] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah): color colour.  Though I think it looks prettier in British.  :-)

[13:57] Eir (lizzy.starfall): " if the whole competition thing is not BTB so why not?" #
[13:57] Maia (fionna.carter) glances at the panel "who would like to answer that question first"

[13:57] Nevar  (nevar.lobo) gulps
[13:57] Ramius (ramiusmarco): there are slaves on the judges listings. its the organizers that ask judges, we don't appoint ourselves.
[13:58] Nevar  (nevar.lobo) nods
[13:58] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @
[13:58] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master
[13:58] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @

[13:59] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): There are slaves who have gone through the Judges course we have offered here . and yes they are very good at giving feedback . for me can slave judge a slave .. yes .. i think so but i do not like to see a slave on a judging panel if its a Free Comp or Exhibition

[13:59] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): #
[13:59] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius

[14:00] Ramius (ramiusmarco): as most of you know, organizers control the events. they decide who will judge, who will not. how the score card looks. why don't you organizers ask other slaves? i think that question goes back to you. are you dancing just to dance? to please the free? to seek validation and opinion? hmm

[14:00] mikey Afterthought is online.
[14:00] janette Inglewood: @
[14:00] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): good comment Ramius

[14:01] Eir (lizzy.starfall): "Good answer. i'll have to ping the organizers"

[14:01] Maia (fionna.carter): Great comment Master and personally I do not like dancing if a slave is on the panel but that is my own opinion and as an organizer I would not invite a slave to be a judge

[14:02] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress Janette
[14:02] nadi (nara.zsun): nods to maia

[14:02] janette Inglewood: As long as it is a slave dance contest, i see no reason against one judge being a slave. I have had slaves who are dance instructors as a judge at the Campus. ~ done

[14:02] flute Alonzo: nods to maia also

[14:02] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): one of my favorite places to judge is at Gorean Campus

[14:03] Maia (fionna.carter): I too have done the judges course to get an understanding of the training a judge goes through but I would never ever put myself up as a judge.
[14:03] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius

[14:04] Ramius (ramiusmarco): i believe that comes back to being judged by your peer. a slave is your peer. in class with you, 'competing' with you, if you will. you want your peer to sit in judgment or a Free who should be looking at you in that light, pleasing or no?

[14:04] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles
[14:04] Ramius (ramiusmarco): done!
[14:04] nadi (nara.zsun): nods
[14:04] Maia (fionna.carter): Thank you I know that was a tough question and a very sensitive one
[14:05] Maia (fionna.carter): Rachella

[14:05] Rachellla: do you judges also talk with each other about the dances during the contest or after it and if so did it suprise you when they give totale diferent judgement to a dance then yourself #
[14:05] Host Diva Angel (tranquilangel) is online.
[14:05] Daniel (luisdanielnj) is online.
[14:05] Desire (alba.silverfall): @

[14:07] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): I very very rarely talk to other judges about a dance contest . As we said in the beginning there is some subjectivity in dancing even through we try to be purely objective. the only time i have really sat down and discussed a judges card with another judge was when i was teach and mentoring other judges . I think our scores are our scores unless we have to make a decision about a tie .. im not one to compare #

[14:07] BOSABI Albatros is online.
[14:07] janette Inglewood: @
[14:08] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius
[14:08] mikey Afterthought is online.
[14:09] TheDandy Schism is offline.

[14:09] Ramius (ramiusmarco): Sometimes, not often, judges talk together but most often not. Mostly just to ask a particular question if something comes up. It's usually an independent review so what you see is what we all thought separately. I do talk and share with judges being mentored during the event as well as after.

[14:09] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles
[14:09] Koardan nods in agreement
[14:09] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress

[14:10] janette Inglewood: we do not discuss much during the contest. I have found that my top 3 is usually the total top 3, even if the order differs. I have very seldom been surprised by a winner. If i was i might question my own judging and ask the others what i missed. ~ done

[14:10] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): well put Lady
[14:10] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles
[14:10] redd Jimador is offline.
[14:10] Joey (joey69.heron) is online.

[14:11] Maia (fionna.carter): Desire your question please

[14:11] Desire (alba.silverfall): Your criteria of judgment is based only on a single method of valuation or there are different ones as the music, writing, movement chosen, the emotions provoked .... etc? are they all grouped all in one final vote or there are several grades? for instance: - music 3 emotions 4 writing 2 contest 3 storyline 4

[14:11] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @
[14:11] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius

[14:12] Ramius (ramiusmarco): as i said earlier, event organizers determine the score card used. they can vary from event to event. I'm sure one here can give you a sample score card
[14:12] Eir (lizzy.starfall): oh! @ ((last one please))
[14:12] Ramius (ramiusmarco): as i said earlier, event organizers determine the score card used. they can vary from event to event. I'm sure one here can give you a sample score card
[14:12] Eir (lizzy.starfall): oh! @ ((last one please))
[14:13] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Koardan
[14:13] Koardan: I agree with Master Ramius regarding scoring

[14:13] Koardan: usually 6 categories, a number for each - 1 to 5, or 1 to 6
[14:13] Koardan: 2 common forms
[14:13] Koardan: not the same for all event, but similar
[14:13] Koardan: and seeing an example is good for every dancer.
[14:14] Koardan: my thought is I hope the scorecards emphasize effect, not just grammer details...

[14:14] Koardan: without loosing the need to vet and check your work before pasting them posts.
[14:14] Koardan: #
[14:14] Maia (fionna.carter): I have a blank one for contests I have organised which i can send after if anyone wants one just im me))
[14:14] Koardan: good one Maia
[14:14] Koardan: AND!!
[14:14] Koardan: key point!
[14:15] Koardan: the organizes MUST MAKE CLEAR if you want us to judge along a theme - BTB, or artisitic

[14:15] Koardan: or some other theme, like all placatory dances
[14:15] Brat (sneekybrat) is offline.
[14:15] Koardan: sometimes they list themes, but I am not sure everyone scores or dances to the themes.
[14:15] Koardan: #
[14:15] Brat (sneekybrat) is online.
[14:15] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): perhaps a good common practice by organizers would be to include criteria in advesments when looking for dancers?
[14:15] Ramius (ramiusmarco): its time for that organizers workshop again
[14:15] Maia (fionna.carter): I agree with that Master -- that is key

[14:15] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master

[14:16] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): i have been Judging for one organizer lately who will give me scorecards on a scale of 6. and the categories i am judging on are Gorean Style , Post Length , Grammar and Spelling , Animations , did you bring a sense of sensuality or spirit  and what was my gut reaction to the dance.  I also get to comment on each one and if there is something specific i liked or disliked then i can add it in.   She also sends me a separate Notecard that list the Criteria for the dancers from the application so i know what to look for. #
[14:17] Desire (alba.silverfall) nods
[14:17] Maia (fionna.carter) grins "I think she was at the organisers workshop"

[14:17] Rachellla: i like those score cards where something is said in what you did well what was weak its good learning proces
[14:17] Maia (fionna.carter): Ok before I suddenly start plugging my own class lets move on Raven your question please
[14:17] ℜaven (illuminus): You have mentioned using correct Gorean, green Thassa etc. But how do you judge if a dancer states her silks swirl around her body but she is dressed in a camisk, and more of those (little?) inept phrases?
[14:17] janette Inglewood: @
[14:17] Eir (lizzy.starfall): the organizers might offer the score card to the contestants at the time the app is accepted. just a thought

[14:18] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @
[14:18] Ramius (ramiusmarco): grins like a shark
[14:18] ℜaven (illuminus): utoh
[14:18] Maia (fionna.carter): ((I notify the dancers in advance and add a copy of the scorecard for my events))
[14:18] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress
[14:18] lissacoco is online.
[14:18] janette Inglewood: often there is a category such as did the emotes match the animation or such like.....something like that might coast a mark in that category. ~ done
[14:18] Nela (arkarose) is online.
[14:18] janette Inglewood: *cost
[14:18] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius

[14:20] Ramius (ramiusmarco): Oh i like to watch for those misses. like saying your toes are polished when they are not. you're down on your knees when you're not. I'll copy paste it to you with the subtraction of your score for missing it because your emote did not match your dance.

[14:20] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood): oooo, noting the subtleties in a dance... like a dancer spinning and a chain cutting through a body in a tether dance... separates the seasoned dancers from newcomers... a dancer must be aware

[14:20] Koardan: nods to his Snow.
[14:20] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles at Snow
[14:20] nadi (nara.zsun): scribbles quickly
[14:20] Eir (lizzy.starfall) nods in agreement
14:21] Maia (fionna.carter) grins at Master Ramius -- "yes you picked me up on my fingernails once"
[14:21] ℜaven (illuminus): thank you both for answering me
[14:21] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah) grins.  I check my nails when I see Master Ramius on a pillow too. Lol.
[14:21] Ramius (ramiusmarco): laughsss

[14:21] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): If I can go back for a moment to the talk about compeitions and girls frustrations with it seeming like the same girls "always" win/place... What about having ranked compeitions? where if you have won or placed in x# dances to compete against each other... ? (thank you Maia!!)

[14:22] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @ give me moment
[14:22] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah): Ooooo Elie.
[14:22] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): bad question? laughs eeps
[14:22] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): crawls under her cushion
[14:22] ℜaven (illuminus): so you think you can dance Gorean Style...
[14:22] nadi (nara.zsun): no good question elle
[14:22] Ązϊzα (riojadeice.orchid): good question..why i dont dance in contents
[14:22] Aini (anneke.oddenfen) cackles.

[14:23] Koardan: +1 ElieB , a good idea
[14:23] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): sees the shark fin circling and thrusts summer at it in offering :D
[14:23] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius
[14:23] Summer Wyrd (summerbreeze.svenska): SISSSSSSS!
[14:23] Maia (fionna.carter) glances at the judges to see who else is going to answer this interesting question
[14:23] Summer Wyrd (summerbreeze.svenska) baps her
[14:24] Pol Londo (pollondo) is online.

[14:24] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah) tugs Elie out from under the cushion.  I loved the question.  I'd never place again, though, cause I'd be competing against Perle and Domi and Nova and the like all the time. *Giggles*
[14:24] Now playing: Florence   The Machine - Shake It Out
[14:24] Raven Daxeline is offline.
[14:24] Eir (lizzy.starfall): if the prize money is high enough, is the only good reason to compete

[14:24] Mayumi U. Arriaga (mayumi.ushimawa) is online.
[14:24] Rachellla: @
[14:24] flute Alonzo: what happen to dancing for the love of Gorean Dance?

[14:24] Ramius (ramiusmarco): elie i really like that idea. i like the new girl dances. if you have this, as the Great Koardan also mention, WHO gets to say who's a new girl and who's advanced? you can get an advanced girl down with the intermediate and kicking butt. some girls are just spot on. they know it. they know the process and its easier for them to give a great dance. those girls need to be in the elite. i would so be for events saying they are for new girls or not. i think its fair.

[14:25] Koardan: smiles.
[14:25] janette Inglewood: @
[14:25] Lexi Hayek is brand new

[14:25] Ramius (ramiusmarco): flute, this talk is specifically a JUDGES panel for asking judges questions. to me, that means focused on competitions. DONE

[14:25] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah): Welcome Lexi.  :-D
[14:26] Day (davidida) is offline.
[14:26] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles at Lexi
[14:26] flute Alonzo: apologises
[14:26] Mayumi U. Arriaga (mayumi.ushimawa) is offline.
[14:26] Edwardd Crumb Altarga (edwardd.crumb) is offline.

[14:26] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): well they all compete against each other now anyway... this way it would be some way to level them out a bit so new and intermediates aren't so frustrated... even in exhibitions we have girls that drop after they see the list of who is dancing, saying well i can't dance on the sands with her.. which I think is sad :(

[14:27] Maia (fionna.carter): Master I think that is probably a challenge -- what qualifies you to be a seasoned dancer. I have seen new dancers who have just amazed me and then dancers who have been around for a long time and entered many events but never places

[14:27] Peace Wilde (peacewilde) is offline.
[14:27] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): it would be difficult to qualifty except on the sports model of "runs earned" :D compeitions won/placed? how else coudl it be done? ideas?
[14:28] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @
[14:28] Koardan: @
[14:28] Maia (fionna.carter): Let me go to Mistress Janette first and then back to Master Ramius

[14:28] janette Inglewood: Perhaps more a question for organisers than judges. We have had first timers only contests at the Campus. You have to understand the massive job it is to get the dancers together, the music handed in early and so forth. This can be prohibitive for organisers. ~ done

[14:28] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): smiles at Flute for her comment in agreement :D perhaps no-prize competitions is something to look at too? like judged exhibitions?

[14:28] Koardan: +1 organizers, and Lady Janette
[14:29] Maia (fionna.carter) nods knowingly
[14:29] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius
[14:29] ℜaven (illuminus): I think (or at least for me) is that I am scared to enter, I have done one contest and would like to dance again, but it frightens me to the bone. I really like your Idea Ellie

[14:29] Ramius (ramiusmarco): i know who i consider a seasoned, consistent performer. im sure all in this row can do the same. personally, that would be a kick ass event to have them all together. i like the new girls. ill do a new girl event and have in the past.

[14:30] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Koardan
[14:30] Eleanor Banx is online.
[14:30] Mayumi U. Arriaga (mayumi.ushimawa) is online.
[14:30] Koardan: how about 5 judged dances puts you in the veteran dance category
[14:31] Koardan: < 5 is new dancer
[14:31] Koardan: not a hard requirement, but a note on the event
[14:31] Koardan: for those who wish to seperate new from tested.
[14:31] Koardan: #
[14:31] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): thank you Judges :)

[14:32] Maia (fionna.carter): I think this a really interesting area and could be a discussion all on its own
[14:32] Maia (fionna.carter): Eir you hae a question
[14:32] Eir (lizzy.starfall): No thank you Maia,i'm good
[14:32] Maia (fionna.carter): Rachella
[14:32] Rachellla: if know its a gorean theme would you do some research about it before you go judge the dance, for example to refresh your mind#

[14:33] Rachellla: so cool we can ask so many quiestions by the way
[14:33] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master

[14:34] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): If its a specific theme or book dance you bet i would go back and research what im going to be judging on. If im going to expect  the dancer to know what they are to dance about then i need to be able to do the work as well. this is a good question thank you

[14:34] Rachellla smiles
[14:34] janette Inglewood: @
[14:34] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah): @
[14:34] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress

[14:35] janette Inglewood: same, i keep all my judging cards, i would go back and have a look at that specific topic ~ done

[14:35] Daniel (luisdanielnj) is offline.
[14:35] Maia (fionna.carter): ((Tivi will be the last but one question - I have a final one))
[14:35] Joey (joey69.heron) is offline.
[14:35] Maia (fionna.carter): Tivi
[14:36] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood): @ not a question... just a comment
[14:36] Maia (fionna.carter) tugs Snow's hair

[14:36] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah): Since Eir didn't ask it earlier... *giggles*  and since I'm hoping a log of this is being kept for later, or perhaps to use for the Judges course?  (*Hint cough sputter*)  I know most girls here who have competed can relate to the empty feeling of being scored low with little to no commentary on what can be improved.  Most of you here are really good about commenting specific reasons you scored lower than others... but what would your words of advice be to judges who maybe don't do that so often?
[14:36] Now playing: Icona Pop - I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
[14:36] Amethyst (shasa.palen): ((raises hand I am doing a log))
[14:37] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @
[14:37] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @ give me a moment
[14:37] Maia (fionna.carter): That is an excellent question

[14:37] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master
[14:37] Mayumi U. Arriaga (mayumi.ushimawa) is online.
[14:37] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): (keeper of the log :D)
[14:37] nym (nymphie.silvershade) is online.
[14:37] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): First of all let me say we are doing an official log of this workshop ! so you can all get it
[14:37] Ązϊzα (riojadeice.orchid): yay
[14:38] Koardan: Excelellent Nevar
[14:38] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): good question Tiv :D (too lazy for the last "i" hehehe)
[14:38] Koardan: (and thanks Maia, Nevar, and all SGD and organizers for an excellent event)(

[14:38] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah) sticks her tongue out at Eli (too lazy for the 'e')

[14:38] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): now One of the most important things that I try to teach when im working with judges is feedback and how important it is to you both positive and negative . it gives you the opportunity to grow from each dance . so for a new Judge i would probably stress that and give examples of why its important

[14:38] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): thank you
[14:39] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Ramius

[14:39] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood): eeps!
[14:40] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood): Nearly two years ago, I was told the only reason I place in dance competitions is because my Master is a judge and other judges favor me. I stopped dancing in competitions and have only performed in exhibitions since then… im still the same dancer, pleasing only one person and I probably dance more and better now because of my Master and that fact I love Gorean dance. I teach and I have dancers seeking my advice now.

[14:40] Ramius (ramiusmarco): my advise to new judges ive mentored is to learn to give that feedback especially if its a lower score. i always try to state why, and will sometimes do a cut and paste of your dance to show you. judges need to realize those scores are looked at and if you're going to give someone a low score, say why so the dancer can improve. all judges, not just new, should be aware of that. sometimes time constraints makes it difficult but you need something in there.

[14:41] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): who ever told you THAT snow never saw you dance! pfft
[14:41] Maia (fionna.carter) whispers "I understand that Snow"

[14:41] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah) nods lots.  Thank You Master Nevar and Master Ramius.
[14:42] Maia (fionna.carter): Ok so before we close and because I know we have a few girls here who are considering stepping into the sands

[14:42] Maia (fionna.carter): "What advice would you give to a new dancer who wishes to start competing"

[14:43] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @
[14:43] Maia (fionna.carter): My Master

[14:44] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @

[14:44] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): Go to a lot of dances and watch get a feel for what its about and how its conducted. Then work on your dance and even find a mentor if you need to help you get over that first dance jitters. Finally just dance .. enter and take the step and once you do it you will be hooked .. maybe try an exhibition first to get your feet wet

[14:44] Ramius (ramiusmarco): dont be in such a hurry to compete. dance in taverns for fun, take snows tavern class shes amazing. dance in exhibitions. go to events, go to classes, get a lot of opinions, not just one. have fun.
[14:44] Ramius (ramiusmarco): have
[14:44] Ramius (ramiusmarco): fun

[14:44] Ramius (ramiusmarco): have
[14:44] Ramius (ramiusmarco): fun
[14:45] Ramius (ramiusmarco): learn to impromptu
[14:45] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood) wiggles "oooo, fun, fun!"

[14:45] Ramius (ramiusmarco): by the time you do all that, a comp will be easy. done
[14:45] Maia (fionna.carter) smiles
[14:45] janette Inglewood: @
[14:46] Maia (fionna.carter): Mistress Janette
[14:46] janette Inglewood: Observe what the succesful ones do, watch lots of dancers but then take what you can learn from them and dance your own heart , and yes impromptu is great start point. ~ done
[14:46] Renee Redgrave is online.
[14:46] Eir (lizzy.starfall) nods in agreement and adds "read the books!"
[14:47] Ramius (ramiusmarco): @

[14:47] Ązϊzα (riojadeice.orchid): @ just wanted to add that going to as many as the classes you can and learning from as many different instructors helped me...each brings their own experiences and talents to their student

[14:47] Maia (fionna.carter): Master Koardan do you have any words for a new dancer
[14:47] Koardan: YEs!

[14:47] Eir (lizzy.starfall): if you don't know your world, then how can you describe it in a dance
[14:47] Koardan: Don't get discouraged, take classes.
[14:47] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): @ before we end
[14:47] Jamila (gabbyjamilsonn): smiles at master R and nods with her advice
[14:47] GabbyJamilsonn Resident: A master smiles and nods at with her advice
[14:47] Koardan: Know the whole art, but focus on your special mojo, and be yourself
[14:47] Koardan: fit the theme
[14:47] Jamila (gabbyjamilsonn): his*
[14:47] GabbyJamilsonn Resident: His *

[14:47] Koardan: dont' bring poetry to a BTB event
[14:47] Jamila (gabbyjamilsonn): giggles
[14:47] Earl Rodenberger is offline.
[14:47] GabbyJamilsonn Resident: giggles
[14:47] Rachellla: sis its not a discuision
[14:48] Koardan: and dont' give up on your poetry if that is your special niche
[14:48] Rachellla grinsss
[14:48] Koardan: bring it to exhibiton

[14:48] Eir (lizzy.starfall) laughs* i wasn't discussing, i'm trying to help the new dancers *pouts*
[14:48] Koardan: Never discourage an organzier, sponsor, judge, or dancer - we are one community

[14:48] Koardan: the work is hard, and pay is low. Only the art, our passion, and friendship to each other brings it life.
[14:48] Koardan: #
[14:48] janette Inglewood claps
[14:48] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): amen!
[14:49] ElieB Wyrd (elie.back): WOOT!
[14:49] Maia (fionna.carter) claps loudly

[14:49] Maia (fionna.carter): Unfortunately we have run out of time I want to thank our lovely judges for giving up their time today to be here and to answer so many questions.
[14:49] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): One Last thing from me before we finish

[14:49] Amethyst (shasa.palen): I probably have been going to dances and competitions for years...because I enjoy watching things...I do not feel that I am the caliber dancer that others are but I do everything from my heart...I do my best to bring honor to my Master...but I just say I enjoy dance...I have been to many classes...and I am privleged to dance with a wonderful group...

[14:49] Eir (lizzy.starfall) clapsss* Thank you Masters, Mistress and Maia for a wonderful event!

[14:49] janette Inglewood: well done to all for such good questions

[14:49] Nevar  (nevar.lobo): I want to thank Maia for hosting this event and the Judges , Lady Janette , Koardan , Ramius . and Finally each of you for your questions. If you enjoyed yourself and you have some coin left please make a donation to the kiosk. We have an OOC dance after a sim restart .. so the dance will start about 330 and Huntress Ame will be DJing with an amazing Fireworks display at the end done by Huntress and Elie ! Thank you again to each of you !

[14:50] Amethyst (shasa.palen): I have learned so much over the years...

[14:50] Ramius (ramiusmarco): I'm very fond of new dancers. if i can help, find me. i'll never say no. thank you for your interest today and i hope it was helpful.

[14:50] Koardan: Thank you all for the honor to sit with you this day.
[14:50] Ązϊzα (riojadeice.orchid): claps and cheers for the Judges and Maia...Thank you Masters, Mistress and Maia for a informative and great event!

[14:50] Aini (anneke.oddenfen): Thank you judges
[14:50] janette Inglewood: a pleasure and an honour
[14:50] Jamila (gabbyjamilsonn) claps to the judges and the dance slaves
[14:50] GabbyJamilsonn Resident: / Me claps to the Judges and the slaves dance
[14:50] ﻜησѡ (snow.mistwood) purrs, "Thank you Masters and Mistress for your time and advice, much appreciated. Thank yo, Maia, for facilitating.... you do such a great job!"

[14:51] тιvι ιnglεωood (tiviyah) leans over and snuggles Elie.  And thank you to you and the Dance Gardens for hosting this weekend.  :-)
[14:51] Maia (fionna.carter): I think this could of gone on for a few more hours
[14:51] Desire (alba.silverfall): claps and cheers for the Judges and Maia...Thank you
[14:51] nadi (nara.zsun): Well done Judges....and thank you for your wise input
[14:51] Maia (fionna.carter) whispers to Snow "we should do discussions more often"
[14:51] janette Inglewood runs off late for meeting..... "well wishes to all and thank you."

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